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article imageGOP on Susan Rice: She's not fit to be US Secretary of State

By Can Tran     Nov 21, 2012 in Politics
Even though US President Obama hasn't given names of potential nominees, the GOP is being proactive and attacking Susan Rice who is the current US Ambassador to the United Nations.
After being re-elected as United States President, Democratic incumbent Barack Obama finds himself up against the GOP once again. This could be a rematch against GOP Senator John McCain of Arizona who ran against Obama back in 2008 United States Elections; but, this rematch won't be for the United States Presidency. This time, it's about who Obama is going to nominate for the next United States Secretary of State. Recently, it was announced that Hillary Clinton is going to step down from that current position. So far, this had led to a firestorm between both Republicans and Democrats. For the most part, House Republicans have sent a letter saying that Susan Rice is not fit to be the new US Secretary of State.
Currently, Rice is the US Ambassador to the United Nations.
97 GOP Representatives have sent a letter to President Obama accusing Rice of misleading the American people on the recent attack in Libya on the United States consulate. Freshman GOP Representative Jeff Duncan of South Carolina was the one to organize the letter. There are also Senate Republicans voicing their opposition. McCain is already one of them. The other is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.
Obama went to Rice's defense. He said that the GOP should go after him and not after Susan Rice. Now, female Democrats have joined in giving their support for Rice. It is implied that they accused the GOP of being both racist and sexist.
While House Republicans are voicing their opposition, only the United States Senate has the power to give advice and consent to nominees. While the United States House remains under Republican control, the United States Senate remains under Democratic control. However, this whole thing with Susan Rice could play a role in the 2014 Elections where there are House and Senate seats up for grabs.
This could help or hurt the GOP in the 2014 elections.
Keep in mind that Clinton hasn't given a formal date of when she's going to step down. Also, Obama hasn't given a name of anybody who will take over. Now you have sides weighing on in favor or not in favor of Rice.
While the GOP keeps attacking Rice, she hasn't even been nominated yet. McCain, who appeared recently on CBS' “Face the Nation,” kept attacking Rice on Libya. Apparently, McCain might win this battle against Rice even before it begins.
A community piece on the Washington Times talked about the female House Democrats coming to McCain's aid. When female House Democrats came to Rice's aid, it got a bit personal. The female Democrats attacked McCain for saying Rice “wasn't bright.” They talked about how Rice was a Rhodes scholar and McCain was at the bottom of his class at the United States Naval Academy. In this respect, they struck a low blow to McCain's college records.
Democratic Representative Marcia Fudge of Ohio accused the GOP of blaming women and minorities when things go wrong.
Democratic Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, the Democratic Whip, implied that the GOP is attacking Rice is because of her skin color.
In article on Salon accuses Rice's critics of being “cowardly.” It talked about recent criticism toward Rice from Maureen Dowd and Dana Milbank. An opinion piece on the New York Times is calling for critics to leave Rice alone. It points out that Obama hasn't nominated anybody let alone Rice to replace Clinton. Also, it said that Obama shouldn't submit to GOP pressure especially pressure from House Republicans.
An article on Policy Mic, by Amy Edler, gives reason for Rice to be the next US Secretary of State. It uses information from a study saying that women are the expert of compromise. Furthermore, it points out that there are more women in government now than in the past.
An article on TIME's Swampland said that the war against Rice is “misguided.”
In another TIME article, pros and cons are given on Rice as a potential nominee. One pro listed is that this could blow up in the GOP's face. It talks about the recent 2012 US Elections where Republicans lost the White House race and many Senate races. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee, received political fire from his own party for saying he lost to Obama because of “gifts” given to key voting blocks. One con listed is Benghazi and another con listed is Rice tending to be “blunt.” One example the article talked about was Rice giving the bird finger to Richard Holbrooke a few years ago.
With this respect, criticizing Rice would equate to a bunch of old white people picking on a younger African-American female.
Again, it has to stressed that Obama hasn't even come up with a list of potential nominees let alone a short list. Plus, Clinton hasn't given a formal date of when she's going to step down. Perhaps the GOP is trying to be proactive under the assumption that Obama may think about nominating Rice. This could affect the GOP in 2014 and 2016.
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