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article imageJohn McAfee blogs about life on the run in Belize

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 21, 2012 in Crime
Belize City - John McAfee, antivirus software mogul, hiding from Belize police after he was described as a "person of interest" in the murder of a neighbor, fellow American Gregory Viant Faull, has started a blog in which he tells the story of his life on the run.
McAfee, who has been in contact with the American media from undisclosed locations, has now started blogging about life on the run. He started the blog ‘‘Who is McAfee? The official blog of John McAfee,’’ on Saturday (November 17) and announced it to the media in an interview with AP.
In his introductory post to the blog on November 17, he advises readers:
"If you want to follow this blog in an intelligent fashion, you will need some background information... Take a few moments and familiarize yourself with the following stories. I wrote none of them. A failure to follow my advice will, with absolute certainty, lead to a disconnect between what is happening in reality down here and what will be happening to the visualizations in your head about what’s happening down here."
According to Fox News, Gregory Viant Faull, 52, was found dead, lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot would to the back of his head, by his housekeeper on Sunday morning at his home in San Pedro Town, on the island of Ambergris Caye, on November 11.
Belize police declared McAfee a "person of interest" in the murder of the builder from Florida and said they wanted him for questioning.
The two men reportedly quarreled over McAfee's dogs before Faull was killed, but McAfee insists on his innocence, saying he "barely knew" Faull. He admits that he and Faull did not get on well and that Faull had complained about his dogs. But he insists he did not murder him and that he has no motives to do so. But officials, suggesting a motive, pointed to the fact that McAfee's dogs were poisoned before Faull died and that Faull probably poisoned them. McAfee, however, says he does not believe Faull poisoned the dogs and that he suspects the Belize police after he saw them digging up the buried dogs, cutting off their heads and reburying them.
AP reports he defends himself:
‘‘He did not like my dogs, but neither did any of my neighbors. I didn't like them myself sometimes, they did bark at night and they were annoying. I did not kill the man and I had no reason to do so."
The Guardian reports that since McAfee went on the run, he has kept regular contact with American media, saying he will fight the allegations against him "as long as I'm still breathing."
He has explained to the media that he is refusing to give himself up to Belize's Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) because he fears he would be killed before a trial takes place. GSU is an arm of the Belizean police that has been accused of abuses in the past.
Who is McAfee?
McAfee, creator of the McAfee antivirus program, sold his stake in his anti-virus software company in the 1990s and moved to Belize three years ago, to lower taxes on his wealth. AP says he has since "led a life of eccentricity."
AP reports that neighbors say McAfee has lived a freewheeling life on the Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye, whose beach front was made famous in the 1980s Madonna song "La Isla Bonita."
Reuters reports local residents say he keeps a harem of women, "stocking up on guns, traveling with bodyguards, and doing designer drugs."
Neighbors comment often about McAfee living with several young women. He acknowledges that he has lived with several women much younger than himself. In a November 19 blog post, he writes:
‘‘Many have commented that these women were only with me because of my money—a fact that I have to agree with.
‘‘I am wealthy and living in a country of extreme poverty. Parents here ‘promote’ attractive daughters to men with money constantly..."
His blog mentions some of the women: Samantha, 20, and Amy, whom he describes as "a 17-year-old with whom I am living."
He writes about "loving" the girls:
"...I am not foolish enough to believe that many young women could love a 67 year [old] man. Being loved does not interest me much. Loving does. I truly love, not with a desire to possess or control, but with compassion and empathy. I care immensely, about many people. What they may or may not feel for me is their own issue.”
Samantha, 20, his last fling before he went into hiding, provides McAfee with an alibi, claiming that on the night Faull was killed, he spent the whole night with her "watching movies" and playing with her puppy.
She writes in pidgin English, in a November 18 post to McAfee's blog:
(unedited) "... these people has been turmenting this man lifei had been by his siad because i see that he has been inocent ,for examlpe they are pointing fingers at this man that he had murder a nabier next door which is so low and also a lie cause that night he was with me the whole night we were seeing move an playing with my puppy i just got.also everyone who live in that house saw him their that night so i know he is clean."
McAfee also describes the circumstances of his meeting Timesha, a local bar girl, while "writing a story about the Mennonites of Belize" whom he alleges go "to a local bar in Orange Walk, [drink], [pay] women for sex, and [party]." He writes that Timesha "slowly opened up to me and over the next few months [and] told me her story"; the typical hardluck story of a young woman born into poverty in a poor country. He concludes: "She began living with me a year and a half ago. She has her own house on my property and she has her privacy. She has returned to school and is proud of her progress. And I am proud of her."
McAfee on the run
McAfee explains why he his running from the Belizean authorities after he was declared wanted for murder. He says he distrusts the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), a quasi-military police squad, and that he fears they might kill him while he is in custody.
According to The Guardian, he said in an interview, "Things do not operate here as they do in the states. We are living in a near dictatorship where the legal system is subservient to the cabinet."
Fox News reports that Belize's prime minister Dean Barrow, responding to McAfee's allegation, said he was suffering from delusions: “I don’t want to be unkind to the gentleman, but I believe he is extremely paranoid, even bonkers."
The Prime Minister advised McAfee to report to the police. He said the police want him only for questioning.
However, significant in the case is the fact that McAfee has had several clashes with the local authorities. He claims that the murder case is part of a long series of harassment he has suffered. According to McAfee in a blog post, the story of his conflict with the Belizean authorities began on April 30, when police raided his home on suspicion that he owned an "illegal meth lab."
He writes:
"My hands were handcuffed behind my back and for 14 hours I sat in the sun without food or water while I watched my property being destroyed and taken away... I was finally taken to Belize City and thrown in Jail. Eight hours later I was released with no charges being filed.
"A few days later I emailed the Prime Minister and asked for a public apology. 'Who does he think he is?' was his reply to a close associate.
"This was the beginning of my antagonism with the Prime Minister and a few of his powerful associates."
In a November 17 blog post, he writes about subsequent harassment by the government:
"First there was an attempt to charge me with running an antibiotics laboratory without a license...
"The government then switched tactics... a new charge was leveled: The security company that I had formed to provide security at my residence possessed most of the weapons licenses used for said security. Unaccountably the physical records for that company disappeared from government files and re-appeared without my name appearing anywhere on the records. This would mean that said weapons, being in my possession at the time of the raid, and me not being a director of the company, were held illegally by myself. An automatic ten years in prison...
"Next, a week or so later, there was talk of charging me with hiring security guards without a license..."
McAfee blogs on the run
McAfee, who says life on the run has been "very fearful" and "not... comfortable," in a Monday blog post (November 19), described how, in disguise, he watched police search his home with reporters gathered. He writes:
"The first two days Sam and I were on the run we were far from our house. I felt helpless, especially given the fact that so many of our friends and workers were being arrested... I needed to be close to area where the events occurred and needed to watch, and hear, the actions of the authorities. I also needed to do my own investigation... I today announced on NBC Television that I am offering a $25,000 reward for the capture of the person or persons responsible for Mr. Faul’s murder."
He describes how he returned to his house to watch events:
‘‘I darkened the skin of my face, neck and hands carefully with shoe polish and put on an LA Saints baseball cap...
‘‘I stuffed my cheeks with chewed bubble gum stuck to the outside of my upper and lower molars—making my face appear much fatter. I darkened and browned my front teeth... I wore an old, ragged long sleeve shirt.
‘‘I adjusted my posture so that I appeared a good six inches shorter... and slowly walked up and down the beach with a pronounced limp, pushing an old single speed bicycle and peddling my wares to tourists and reporters using a broken English with a heavy Spanish accent. On my second day... I nearly sold a dolphin carving to an Associated Press reporter...’’
The veracity of McAfee's account has been called to question after none of the four Associated Press reporters and cameramen reporting from outside his home, north of the town of San Pedro, recalled having seen anyone matching McAfee's description of himself in disguise. AP reports that another person who lives close to McAfee's home, also did not recall seeing persons matching McAfee's description.
It is difficult to separate fiction from fact in his colorful story, but it continues:
"Among the people I spoke with that day was the caretaker at Mr. Faul’s house. The police had stated that Mr. Faul’s housekeeper discovered the body. His caretaker told me that Faul did not have a housekeeper. He himself discovered the body he said.
"Then I watched the police dig up my four dogs that had been poisoned and buried. They cut off the heads and re-buried the bodies. I found this curious.
"I watched the police search my residence 7 times. At one point I got too close and was angrily ordered to go away.
"On subsequent days using different disguises, I did the same general thing, one day selling tamales and burritos... on another pretending to be a drunk German tourist with a partially bandaged face and wearing speedo swimming trunks... and yelling loudly at anyone who would listen – 'Leck mich um ausch!'"
He speculates on the circumstances of Faull's death:
"Rumors are rife. The most enduring and frequently passed rumor is that the killing was punishment for a soured real estate transaction."
Is McAfee 'bonkers'?
Concerns have been expressed in the past over McAfee's mental health. Fox News reports that in a recent interview, he denied reports that he had played Russian roulette with a loaded gun.
According to Fox News, Jeff Wise, a freelance reporter who broke the story of McAfee's life in Belize in a story he wrote for Gizmodo, alleges that McAfee is into drugs, guns, prostitution and violence. Wise told Fox News: "He will tell you he moved to Belize for the good life, for the country, to rescue the Belizean people from poverty.” Wise claims that rather, McAfee became involved in "bath salts and the quest for the ultimate high."
McAfee, however, accuses the media of "sensationalizing" his "character and the recent events" of his life. He accuses Wise of making a "life work out of smearing my character."
He writes about Wise in the introductory post to his blog posted on November 17:
"Jeff’s first article about me was a piece in National Geographic Explorer about my flying adventures in New Mexico. He stayed with us for a week or so with friends... One of those friends was a beautiful young woman named Goldy Ivashkov. The first day he arrived he ended up spending the night with her. While camping, their intimacy was flaunted to the point that around the campfire, the lap-sitting, face kissing, fondling was so intense that I jokingly and loudly said 'somebody get pictures of this to send to his wife in case we get a bad story from him.'... Unfortunately, many pictures were taken and, as I am told, his wife did receive some. I had nothing to do with it."
McAfee still on the run
Still in hiding in the company of 20-year-old Samantha, McAfee claims he is running his own investigation. He writes: “I will continue my investigations, since the police seem to have defaulted on this obligation. If anyone has any information, please give it directly to me. I will publish it here on this blog first, and then provide it to the police. That way it cannot just conveniently disappear if it is evidence that the Government finds distasteful.”
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