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article image'Twilight' time continues while 'Rise of the Guardians' released

By Tim O'Brien     Nov 20, 2012 in Entertainment
It should be another busy weekend at the box office even though Friday is still a few days away. As a holiday approaches, what is deemed a weekend is thrown to the wolves. Or in this case, the turkey.
Many films open wide on Wednesday and then a few more on Friday. But, when all is said and done, there are different lists, but it can be deceiving when the winner is declared. The Wednesday from Sunday winner will get all the hoopla, but the true weekend winner will be Friday through Sunday. Thus, the breakdown starts. See here for a story that will further muddy up this idea.
It seems like the theaters will be packed with movie lovers again. Not only is there the blockbusters out, including "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" and "Skyfall," now come films to fight over screen time. The real question is - can anything beat "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" this weekend?
1. "Rise of the Guardians"- 3,500 theaters
2. "Life of Pi" - 2,700 theaters
3. "Red Dawn 2012" - 2,600 theaters
4. "Silver Linings Playbook" - 420 theaters
A tough sell seems to be the new Ang Lee film, "Life of Pi," while the animated feature "Rise of the Guardians" fits the bill for Thanksgiving Day. Here's why. As the family gathers, digests and then wants to head to the theater, the one film that will benefit from the family ideal is "Rise."
Meanwhile, there are still those others. Meaning, if "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" packs them in again, the one film the family may opt for is "Rise." And it has the holiday season in mind with the story. It has Jack Frost, Santa and the Easter Bunny, plus more known characters.
As for "Red Dawn 2012," it only has nostalgia going for it. Those who saw it the first time, doesn't make it a must-see this time around. The best of the bunch will not be seen by many but will pick up stream with the older crowd as it continues to go wider. "Silver Linings Playbook" has that award season punch behind it.
1. "Hitchcock" - 16 theaters
2. "Rust and Bone" - limited
There will no box office winner from "Hitchcock" as it gets released on a Friday and very limited, for that matter. That, too, is getting an award season release. It was due to be released last year, but was pushed to compete this year. A move that might only pay off for the lead, Anthony Hopkins.
But, than again, after Hopkins' recent comment about Oscar season nightmares, he may already know something the public does not about this film. He, along with Joaquin Phoenix have derided the tedious public relations aspect to it all. Phoenix has since recanted, and Hopkins has already won an Oscar. More later on this angle.
As news that the trailer for the next "Star Trek" film will be shown before "The Hobbit," which is good news - then bad news dropped. PETA has launched a complaint against animal deaths, which prompted the producers to come out swinging with a denial. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.
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