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Op-Ed: Torah-true Jews protest against Zionist aggression

By Alexander Baron     Nov 19, 2012 in World
Toronto - The Anti-Defamation League is whining about anti-Semitism again, this time on account of the world's reaction to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, but nobody who matters is listening.
When everybody hates you, it could be because the whole world is bigoted, or it may just be that you are doing something wrong. Unless your name is Abraham Foxman. After the Gaza Massacre of Operation Cast Lead he told the ADL's National Leadership Conference of February 2009 that this act of mass murder was legitimate self-defence. His actual words were there would be “more exercise of Israel’s legitimate right to disproportionately protect its men, women and children...I have never, never heard the application of proportionality, I have never heard the dastardly argument ‘well only thirteen Israelis died’. What other country has been given that standard...if one gets killed, you can only kill one?” Like the man said, be careful what you wish for.
Not that Mr Foxman is concerned about the Palestinian suffering in Gaza, he has something far more important to worry about: cartoons! Not only that, according to him and his gang, all it takes is one lie to reignite anti-Semitism. What lie might that be? How about the lie that Jews control Hollywood? Nah, it can't be that one, not according to Joel Stein anyway. How about the lie that Jews control the banks? David Duke and his girlfriend - the one with the suntan - thought that, but Alessio Rastani told it how it really is: the problem isn't Jewish money but raceless capital.
How about the lie that all Jews support Zionism and Israel then? Could be. Some of the crankier anti-Semites and mystics believe this, and Mr Foxman would like to believe it, but he didn't reckon on the Torah-true Jews of Neturei Karta, the men in black hats and caftans, who unlike the man in the suit and tie are visibly Jewish in look, thought and deed. On November 15, Neturei Karta held a protest in Toronto, one of many over the decades.
What is Mr Foxman's reaction to Neturei Karta, well, would you believe he thinks they're anti-Semites too? In his 2003 book Never Again? THE THREAT OF THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM, he writes at pages 17-8: "We tend to assume that most conflicts involve opposing parties who take extreme positions and that truth and justice are to be found somewhere in the middle. This may be true in many cases. But the logic of split-the-difference doesn't apply to the conflict between Zionists and anti-Zionists. The harsh but undeniable truth is this: what some like to call anti-Zionism is, in reality, anti-Semitism - always, everywhere, and for all time. Therefore, anti-Zionism is not a politically legitimate point of view but rather an expression of bigotry and hatred."
He concludes: "This is a strong claim, but I believe it's a just one."
It would be more accurate to say this is a strong claim, and just one, because if there ever was a consensus, Zionism does not now hold it, and if Abraham Foxman knew anything about the Torah and about what Lucien Wolf referred to as The Zionist Peril, he would never have made such an asinine claim.
Neturei Karta are active in the UK too, and will doubtless be joining the demonstration against the carnage and siege of Gaza in London on November 24. Abraham Foxman won't, of course, not just because he is based in New York, but because he really must figure out how to stop those anti-Semitic cartoons. The strange thing is, the more Palestinian kids the Israelis kill, the more they appear in the Arab press.
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