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Samsung accidentally releases a bizarre new commercial

By Brian LaSorsa     Nov 19, 2012 in Internet
Samsung, the king of hysterical YouTube advertisers, released a new commercial Monday that involves puppy-faced computer mutants being thrown off of cliffs. Yes — you read that sentence correctly.
The new video is titled “Don’t Give Up On Puppy Love!” and it will leave you sad, confused, and with the overwhelming urge to adopt a puppy. If you’re offended by puppy-faced computer mutants being beaten into oblivion, stabbed with high-heel shoes, or tossed into the depths of a rock-filled canyon 100 feet below, all to the backdrop of a sensual groove, do not watch the video.
Otherwise make sure to watch the other video Samsung released Monday called “Overly Attached Computer,” which featuring the girl responsible for the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme.
UPDATE: Immediately before posting this, I went to take a screenshot of the video in question. It seems the content has now been set to private. The link still works, but, for reasons unknown, users aren't allowed allowed to watch it any longer.
Sounds to me like an intern is getting fired for the early release.
UPDATE: BGR spoke with The Viral Factory, the agency commissioned by Samsung for the advertisement. A representative from the firm said the clearly-upsetting video was taken down so that people don't begin viewing Samsung as "that company with the puppy-killing commercial."
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