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article imagePro-Israeli & pro-Palestine protests ignite across the world

By Can Tran     Nov 19, 2012 in World
As the the fighting between Israel and Gaza continues, the international community is calling for diplomacy. In response, protests have taken place across the world.
As the conflict between Israel and Gaza continues to escalate, more people lose their lives by the day and by the hour. The fighting continues between the Israeli military and the Islamic militants. The governments of the world are urging diplomacy to end the warring between the two groups. Ultimately, the biggest casualties are the civilians that are caught in the crossfire between the two groups. At least twenty-one children have been reported killed. While there is a physical battle going on between Israel and Hamas, it's even taken to Twitter. Gilad Sharon, the son of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said that all of Gaza needs to be “flattened.” He compared this with the United States dropping the atomic bomb on Japan during World War II.
An article in the New York Times has reported that the Israeli airstrike has wiped out three generations of a Palestinian family. They are nine of the eleven people killed Sunday afternoon when an Israeli bomb had dropped.
Due to the warring and civilian deaths, people across the world decided to protest on the streets. You have both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrations taking place across the world. In New York City and Washington DC, there were demonstrations and counter-demonstrations from those that support Israel and those that support Palestine.
In a video from TIME Video, various people in NYC were seen protesting Israel's offensive on Gaza. When people were asked about the fighting, they gave their specific opinions. There were protesters who identified themselves as Jewish.
In a CBS New York article, people on both sides of the protests giving their views. On the Israeli side of the protests, one said that Israel has the right to defend itself. The person talked about the rockets that were fired into Israel. On the Palestinian side of the protests, one said that the land should be given back to the Palestinians.
In the case of Washington DC, you have both pro-Israel and anti-Israel demonstrators gathering in front of the United States White House.
But, the United States isn't the only place where demonstrations have taken place. On November 16, over a hundred people gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota. They gathered to protest Israel's attack on Gaza. This is one of many protests that joined international outcry. The United States wasn't the only country in North America to have such protests.
In the case of Mexico, a small group of activists protested. There were some pictures taken of one activist holding an Israeli flag; but, the Star of David was replaced with the Nazi swastika. In this respect, the activist was comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.
Several protests took place across Canada. On Sunday, over one-hundred protesters took to the streets of Hamilton. The protests took place hours after announcements were made that women and young children were killed by Israel's airstrikes. In Montreal, protesters took to the streets voicing their support for Palestine. Police were there to make sure the protests stayed peaceful. In Vancouver, protesters gathered in front of the Vancouver Public Library. This protest was organized by the group called Mobilization Against War and Occupation.
Protesters took to the streets of London, England. They gathered near the Israeli embassy and called the country a “terror state.”
In Greece, there was the annual march which this year was the 39th anniversary of the student uprising that brought back democracy to the country. During the march, they protested against the austerity measures. At the end of each march, it usually ends by marching to the United States embassy; but, that has changed since the Israeli offensive against Gaza. Protesters continued the march by continuing toward the Israeli embassy and protesting the recent strikes against Gaza. They would chant “Down with Zionist Child Murderers.”
In Pakistan, the religious party known as the Jamat-e-Islami had their own protest. They marched towards the US consulate. The group have protested the Israeli offensive. They urged other Muslim countries not to allow the evil plans of Israel to enslave them.
In Bahrain, a pro-Gaza march was banned by the government.
Even Israelis joined and protested the offensive against Gaza. They demonstrated telling people not to give nor shed blood in the name of politics.
Muslims in Malaysia also had their protests against Israel. Protesters there called for the boycott and crushing of Israel.
In cyberspace, the hacker group called Anonymous declared its war against Israel by attacking sites that belong to the country. They attacked government and business websites belonging to Israel.
However, not all the protests were pro-Palestine. In Australia, there were thousands that demonstrated in support of Israel. Jews in Australia gathered for what are called “red alert” rallies.
Just about anywhere and everywhere, the Israel-Gaza conflict remains a very global issue. In the case of the United States, this could be a foreign policy issue going into the 2014 US Senate and US House races. There are protests everywhere, both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine.
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