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article imageRomney also blamed GOP debates and media for election loss

By Can Tran     Nov 18, 2012 in Politics
In the same phone call to campaign donors, Mitt Romney didn't just blame "gifts" for his loss to Barack Obama. He also placed blame on the number of GOP debates and the networks that hosted them.
Mitt Romney has recently taken political fire from politicians and pundits from the Republican and Democratic Parties. On Election Night, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney who was the chosen GOP nominee lost to Barack Obama who is the Democratic incumbent in the US Presidential race. In a call to his campaign donors, Romney said he lost because Obama gave “gifts” to his key voting blocks. Romney listed topics such as the Dream Act, Obamacare, contraceptives, etc. This caused Romney to receive a lot of political fire with much of it coming from his own party, the GOP.
Apparently, it seems that the remark about “gifts” wasn't the only thing he talked about with the donors. In the phone call to donors, Romney didn't just blame his loss on the “gifts.” Asides from the “gifts,” comment, Romney blamed the “liberal media” and the GOP debate formats. Romney said that the debates were also to blame because they opened all the candidates for anything that can be used against them in the general election. To the donors, Romney said that he and the other GOP candidates were beating each other up while Obama just “looked and laughed.” He also said that the networks that hosted the debate were actually working against the Republican Party.
He said that the next time, the Republican Party needs to reduce the number of debates. GOP strategist Karl Rove took Romney's side. Rove, who worked as the Chief of Staff to then-President George W. Bush, said that Romney went through a primary campaign that was “butt-ugly.” Rove's not the first person to use such language when talking about Romney's loss. Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist said that Obama won by painting Romney as a “poopy-head.”
However, the focus has been on the “gifts” remark. Now, there is more to the call to campaign donors. In short, Romney blamed “gifts,” the number of GOP debates, and the news networks that hosted the debates.
That may put Romney under more political fire. With that remark, it seems that Romney's political future seems uncertain especially for the 2014 and 2016 elections. In 2014, you have the US Senate and US House races. There are governor's races as well in 2014. In 2016, you have another US Presidential Election.
Aside from firing ammo at Romney, the GOP seems ready to ditch him. It seems likely that the GOP may be ready to turn their backs on Romney.
In a Reuters article, top members of the GOP said that the party needs to do better to expand its appeal to a mass range of voters. GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who's set to lead the Republican Governors Association in 2013, said that the party needs to stop insulting voters and get those voters to like them.
Many people in the GOP had weighed in on why Romney lost the election and why Republicans have suffered losses in the Senate races. According to Carlos Gutierrez, who advised Romney, the GOP has gone too far to the right. Those attacks seemed to be directed to members of the Tea Party Movement. The Tea Party, in response, blamed the GOP losses on the current party establishment.
Jindal addressed the comments on rape made by Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. The two of them lost their respective Senate races in Missouri and Indiana. When weighing in on the GOP, Jindal said that the party needs to quit being the “party of stupid.” In terms of Romney's “gifts” remark, Jindal rejected it saying that such words are divisive.
Gutierrez said that the GOP has went to far to the right in a place where the party doesn't belong.
GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that Romney needs to stop “digging a hole.” He said that Romney dug a very deep hole in the GOP primary.
Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who also ran in the GOP primary, said that Romney's “gifts” comments was “crazy and insulting.”
This does bring the GOP's future into question. What direction will the GOP take in preparation for 2014? The 2014 Elections will play a dynamic role in Obama's second term as United States President. With what Romney said in the call, is he going to be considered “damaged goods” to the GOP and future Republican candidates? Also, one has to factor in the Tea Party as well.
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