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article imageAdvanced Scrabble set is most expensive in the world

By Abigail Prendergast     Nov 18, 2012 in Odd News
A $30,000 Scrabble set features lights, sensors, and live-streams to the world wide web and is the most expensive version of the game in the world. It was built for the Prague Mind Sports Festival this December.
For those who thought the game of Scrabble was nothing more than an analog, wooden board game might want to think again. As Mashable Tech reports, "the world's most expensive" version of the otherwise unplugged game boasts LED lights, radio-frequency identification, (RFID) chips, and the piece de resistance, a program that transfers real-time rounds to the internet. This connected Scrabble set runs a pretty penny - precisely 30,000 dollars.
Made up of carbon fiber, this elaborate take on the popular word conjuration game was, in fact, produced for the Prague Mind Sports Festival, running from December 1 to the fourth. The aforementioned RFID sensors total 225 within the board, and they pick up tiles on given spots.
During each game session, the sensors scan the board every 974 microseconds in order to keep a properly updated keep on it while it is streamed on the web. And despite its expense, it is more than likely going to hurdle the classic game of Scrabble into the 21st century in the vein of app game, Words With Friends, Mashable said.
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