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article imagePay-scale for in-demand adult actresses revealed by porn agent

By Can Tran     Nov 17, 2012 in Entertainment
Mark Spiegler of "Spiegler Girls," an agent for elite adult actresses, gave an estimate of how much an in-demand actress would make for certain scenes.
Adult entertainment aka “porn” has been around for many centuries. Before we had Internet porn, we had pictures and film. Before the age of pictures and film, pornography came in the form of drawings and so forth. In short, adult entertainment is never going to go away. People still continue to watch porn by the minute. With the Internet and the availability of access combined with mobile technology, one can access pornography on the go. Plus, you have to consider sexual texting called “sexting” and text message with sexual photos. In short, sex sells. The pornography industry sells sex pictures, movies, and games. In the case of Japan, you have animated porn called “hentai.”
There is the question: How much do porn performers get paid?
Mark Spiegler, an agent to the porn stars, gave a pay-scale for actresses that are in-demand. However, the pay-scale is not known for the actresses that are not much in demand. If you're an in-demand actress, this is the following you'd make according to Spiegler: At least $800 if it is a girl-on-girl scene, at least $1K for a guy-on-girl scene, at least $1,200 if the scene involves anal sex, and at least $4K if the scene involves “double penetration” which is also known as “DP.”
Nothing has been said for solo scenes, “gang bang” scenes, threesomes, orgies, etc. But, this is the current scale according to Spiegler. Spiegler has his agency called “Spiegler Girls” which represents the in-demand actresses. This agency is located in the San Fernando valley of California. Keep in mind that the agent takes a cut of the payments to the actresses.
It's also explained that the actresses money doesn't solely come from the shoots. In another article, detail on how the business operates is further explained. In a photo slide show from Hollywood Reporter, several figures in the porn industry were interviewed. In short, there's more to working in the adult industry than shooting pictures and movies. There's more legwork involved which is similar to mainstream actresses, singers, and athletes such as deals with different companies to promote products.
Keep in mind that the pay-scale given by Spiegler is supposedly for the in-demand actresses. Just because one jumps into porn doesn't mean s/he will make that much per scene.
In politics, the “war on pornography” has been on the social platform for many Republicans who are socially conservative. However, the “war on pornography” hasn't made much progress at all. In the 2012 United States Election cycle, one had to take a look at the GOP primary race before former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was the chosen nominee. You had other nominees such as Representative Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, Texas governor Rick Perry, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.
Of all the candidates, Santorum was making the reach to social conservatives. One of those methods of outreach was declaring battle against this primarily Los Angeles based industry that nets at least $1 billion a year. He said that distribution of porn was a violation of “obscenity laws.” This was back in mid-March when Santorum said that. In late-August, in a Reuters article, other Republicans chimed in on a pornography crackdown.
For a party that's supposed to champion smaller government, the crackdown on pornography seems to be the complete opposite. But, that hasn't become a debate topic in the general elections. Same-sex marriage has taken a backseat in the social debates due to the talk of abortion in the case of rape and incest. Todd Akin, a Tea Party Republican, went down in numbers because of remarks about “legitimate rape” and the woman's body “having ways to terminate the pregnancy.” Akin ended up losing his Senate race in Missouri. Richard Mourdock, also a Tea Party Republican, also went down in numbers by saying that a rape baby is still a “gift from God.” Mourdock ended up losing his Senate race in Indiana.
This points out the social paradox. In a Guardian article, it points out the GOP can be perceived as being hypocritical. While the GOP is supposed to be seen as the party of freedoms and small government, it has been seen as intrusive to many voters that would identify with the main message of the party.
Back to the issue of pornography, Steven Hirsch who is the co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment said that the GOP should back off on its “war on pornography.” He said that “sex is everywhere” and the industry has usually won many court battles on this subject.
In sheer irony, information has shown that Americans living in the red states watch more porn than their counterparts living in the blue states. The information was conducted through an analysis by Harvard Business School; the study is available online through PDF. This study was analyzed through anonymous credit card transactions. The study revealed that Utah was the state with the most online porn subscriptions. In the 2008 US Presidential Elections, eight of the top ten states that view the most porn ended up being won by Senator John McCain of Arizona who was the GOP nominee back then.
In a Politicus USA article, back in March, Louisiana was listed as one of the states that watch the most porn. In the GOP primary, Santorum won Louisiana.
When religion was brought into the mix, the study showed that the number of porn downloads was less on Sunday. Sunday is the day where people go to church. States that made same-sex marriage illegal watched 11 percent more porn than states that allowed it. The name of the study is called “Red Light States: Who Buys Online Adult Entertainment?
In an ABC News article, Benjamin Edelman (the one who made the study) works part-time helping detect advertising fraud. He got two years worth of credit card data that had two important things needed for the study: date of purchase and postal code. The date of purchase can be used to support the drop in subscriptions on Sunday while the postal code can be used to support the states where the subscribers reside. The client that provided Edelman with the data is an adult website company.
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