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article imageXi Mingze, daughter of Xi Jinping, at Harvard under pseudonym

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 18, 2012 in World
Shanghai - It has been revealed that Xi Mingze, 20, the daughter of Xi Jinping, China's new party general secretary, is attending Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, under a pseudonym.
Xi Mingze is the only daughter of Xi Jinpig and Peng Liyuan, a woman described as a "honey-voiced" popular Chinese folk musician. The Daily Mail reports that very little is known about China's "first daughter."
The Washington Post reports Xi Mingze enrolled at Harvard University in 2010, under a fake name, joining several other children of top Chinese officials who are studying in the United States.
She is reportedly under 24 hour watch by Chinese security personnel.
According to the Daily Mail, she is in Harvard under a pseudonym so as not to attract attention.
The Washington Post reports she joined the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Her peers describe her as "studious and discreet." According to Daily Mail, she is often seen at the sorority where she studies. She reportedly speaks unaccented English.
Chinese elite have a strong preference for American education
China reportedly has more students in US colleges than any other foreign country. The Washington Post reports that according to data compiled by the Institute of International Education, in the 2010-2011 academic year, China had 157,558 students studying in US colleges.
Nine members of the Chinese Politburo Standing Committee, the supreme decision-making body of the Communist Party, in spite of their regular anti-American rhetoric, have at least five children or grandchildren who have studied or are studying in the United States.
The penchant of Chinese party leaders for American education has raised questions about who pays the bills to send their children to Harvard and other ivy league US colleges that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses, and raised allegations of corruption.
Peng Liyuan, 'The Peony Fairy'
Xi Mingze's mother, Peng Liyuan, was born in 1962. She married Xi Jinping in the mid 1980s. She joined the People's Liberation Army at the age of 18 and achieved the "civilian rank" of major-general, the Daily Mail reports. She is a singer popularly known as The Peony Fairy. She appeared regularly on state-run Chinese TV singing mostly propaganda songs on TV shows and at Communist Party rallies.
Some of her best known songs, "Plans of Hope" and "People From Our Village" were communist propaganda songs. She has performed all over the world, in New York, Tokyo and Vienna.
She was appointed WHO Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/Aids and tuberculosis in June 2011.
But while Liyuan is a celebrity in China, her husband is very little known. A situation which, according to the Daily Mail, prompted a popular joke among the Chinese, "Who is Xi Jinping? Why, he is the husband of Peng Liyuan."
Xi Jinping's father was one of the communist revolutionary generals who were contemporaries of Chairman Mao Tse Tung. When Jinping was a teenager, his father fell out with Mao and was sent to prison. The family was exiled to the poor rural community of Liangjiahe, in the Shaanxi province, where Jingping reportedly lived in cave-dwellings and served as a farm laborer.
The Daily Mail reports Jinping is often quoted as saying those were the most difficult years of his life and that no challenges he encountered in his political career compares to the years of hardship in exile in one of China's poorest provinces.
When Jinping left Liangjiahe, he moved to the urban areas in the coastal provinces where he joined the party and rose up the ranks quickly.
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