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article imageOp-Ed: Israeli Air Force widens air combat operations in Gaza

By Eliot Elwar     Nov 17, 2012 in World
Today, the IAF widens air strikes in Gaza as the IDF credits 'Iron Dome' for shooting down incoming rocket. Hamas has targeted the Knesset and Shimon Peres. And Palestinians in Jerusalem demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza as sirens wail in Tel Aviv.
From Fox News: “Israel expanded its air assault on rockets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, striking a Hamas government compound and a Cabinet building where Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met with Egypt's prime minister on Friday.” Hamas wants a major war with Israel. Sadly, the Palestinians could be in for an awful experience. Although the international community will side with Hamas, Israel has no choice but to completely destroy Hamas to stamp out the terrorists operating in Gaza.
From WND: “Hamas said it fired a rocket toward the Knesset in Jerusalem as residents in Israel’s capital city were preparing for Shabbat. Hamas also claimed they were targeting Israeli President Shimon Peres’ home.” Hamas fighters are very serious about assassinating Israel’s leaders and they will fight Israel to the last man or woman. This appears like the beginning of an apocalyptic war unfolding.
From the Times of Israel: “Palestinians in Jerusalem demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza as sirens wail in Tel Aviv as protests grow in Arab world.” Analysts are watching Jerusalem because this will become the center of gravity during this conflict.
Today, Hamas militants continue firing rockets into Jerusalem. The IDF cannot allow these attacks and it continues massing its ground forces on Gaza’s border. This war appears inevitable because the IDF cannot allow Hamas to terrorize its cities and civilian population. Iran has given Hamas the green light to attack Israel. The war began after the US election because Obama’s reelection victory probably means that Israel will fight its enemies alone.
Iran is assessing the situation very closely to determine how Obama and the West will react to this conflict. Will they abandon Israel and leave it isolated? Iran wants to ascertain how the Islamic community will react to this war. Will this war unite Muslim nations against Israel? This will take pressure off Syria and Iran while the opposing Muslim forces unite to fight against Israel. When Syria joins the war, Iran will have a bridge to transport its troops and weapons to the Israeli border.
From the Israeli strategic and tactical perspective, the time for fighting appears good because Egypt is very weak and the Islamic caliphate system has not been completely formed. The IDF may destroy Hamas without having to fight the entire Muslim caliphate nations. After destroying Hamas, the IDF will focus on Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah. When the IDF destroys Hamas, it may turn on Iran and Syria because its entire military is mobilized for combat operations. Finally, as the war intensifies, the international community and Muslims worldwide will unite against Israel. When the IDF destroys Hamas, pro-Muslim liberal groups will become angry and extremely violent. They will go after Jews, Christian Zionists, and conservatives in America and all over the world.
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