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article imageOp-Ed: Another Arab-Israeli conflict begins

By Eliot Elwar     Nov 17, 2012 in World
As rockets fall on Israel, Obama quietly removes Hamas terrorist from U.S. watch-list. For the first time ever Hamas launches rockets on the Holy City of Jerusalem. And Gaza cease-fire collapses as new explosions are heard in Tel Aviv.
From Debbie Schiussel: “Obama has quietly removed HAMAS terrorist and Chicago resident Muhammad Salah from the Treasury Department Terrorist List. Salah was the conduit for Al-Qaeda financing of HAMAS.” This was a sad, manipulative, and evil act by Obama. Why would Obama do such a thing when America is being threatened by terrorists and Israel is being hit repeatedly with rockets attacks?
From BBC Middle East News: “Hamas militants have launched a rocket on Jerusalem - the first time the holy city has been targeted in decades - and the first such attack from Gaza. The missile was aimed at the Israeli parliament but landed outside the city and there were no casualties.” This proves that Hamas militants do not care about the Holy City. The militants are driven by their blood lust. The mainstream media have not reported on any Muslim voice condemning this attack on the Holy City.
From NBC News: “Israel started drafting 16,000 reserve troops on Friday as Egypt’s prime minister visited the Gaza Strip to show support for Palestinians amid a cross-border conflict with Hamas militants that risks spiraling into an all-out war.”
A few defense analysts believe that Israel is falling right into a Mideast ‘mouse trap’. Iran and Egypt are using Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south to light the Mideast war fuse. The IDF may take out Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities with nuclear weapons, while hitting Egyptian military targets as it prepare for a massive Syrian ballistic missile response. The IDF may have to destroy Syria completely before it fires numerous short range ballistic missiles (SRBM) equipped with chemical and biological weapons.
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