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Video: TIME explains US energy independence a 'pipe dream'

By Can Tran     Nov 17, 2012 in Politics
The International Energy Agency (IEA) says that the US could be energy independent in a few decades; but, that is met with skepticism as others give differing views and reasons.
One of the biggest issues in global politics let alone United States politics is the need to become energy independent. This is one of the biggest economic, foreign policy, security, and environmental issues in the United States. There is talk about the United States about the country possibly being the largest producer of oil in the next decade and being energy independent in the next two decades. However, there are many that are skeptical about the United States being energy independent let alone in two decades.
Back in 2010, there was the explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig. Unfortunately, oil spilling was inevitable as it affected the Gulf Coast of the United States. This is currently considered the worst oil spill in United States history. Recently, it was ruled that British Petroleum (BP), which was in charge of the drilling operation, would pay out a little over $4 billion in fines. According to TIME Science, this is the largest criminal fine in corporate history. The company will also plead guilty to the deaths of the 11 crewmen that died in the explosion.
Recently, there has been another oil rig explosion taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Deepwater Horizon incident reignited talks about oil, oil technology, and the push for alternative energy sources.
Now, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that the United States could be the biggest producer of oil. By 2017, the US could produce more oil than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined. In a blog on, it said that it could be possible if the administration of US President Barack Obama doesn't interfere.
An article on Policy Shop, asks about the eventual cost to be energy independent by 2035. These two articles talk about the possibility of the United States being energy independent by that year. This talks about the dangers of fracking as it poisons local drinking water supplies and increases the risk of other types of damage.
In terms of oil production, one has to look back at the vice-presidential debate in 2008 between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin in the 2008 US Presidential Elections. In the debate, they talked about oil production in the United States. Palin said the line “drill, baby, drill.” Biden talked about how the American use up a good percentage of oil produced in the world.
In another TIME Science article, published on November 13, it's said that the US won't be energy independent even if it does become an oil giant. It explains that the reason the US won't be energy independent is because the oil market is a global market. When the oil is produced, the price per barrel is set on the global market. Even if the US becomes the largest producer of oil let alone by 2017 or 2020, the gas prices will still be high in the United States.
An article on Market Watch echoes the same thing at the TIME Science article.
A video available on TIME Video explains why the US won't be energy independent. The video explains that Americans use millions of barrels of oil each day than the country produces. In short, it means that the US will still be importing oil. The video also talks about how President Barack Obama and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney differ in regards to energy independence. At the end, it says that US energy independence is a “pipe dream.”
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