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Chris Christie ignores question about Twinkies… for 40 seconds

By Brian LaSorsa     Nov 16, 2012 in Politics
N.J. Gov. Chris Christie ignored a reporter’s question about Twinkies Friday by rambling for 40 seconds about Twinkies — and about Devil Dogs.
In a video provided by the governor’s YouTube account, the manner in which an unidentified reporter asked the now-famous 'Twinkie question' is unclear. We can assume, though, that he or she was referring to the snack cakes in connection to the closure of Hostess’ doors.
Executives and union members clashed during a labor strike this week, and both sides’ unwillingness to compromise resulted in the company’s decision to liquidate its assets Friday. Officials estimate that 18,300 jobs will be lost.
Then again, the reporter was likely taking a light jab at Christie’s weight. And that’s how the governor took it.
“Really, seriously — you’re not asking me about Hostess Twinkies, are you?” he asked with a smile. “What’s the next question?”
The next question, however, wouldn’t come for quite some time. What began as Christie laughing off the reporter’s remark turned into a 40-second rant getting into exactly why he wouldn’t answer it.
“I’m on Saturday Night Live enough,” he said. “You think you’re getting me behind this microphone, having me talk about Twinkies? This is a set-up, man, I know it! You people are the worst!”
“I am not answering questions about Twinkies,” he repeated before realizing just what he’d done in front of the camera. “It’s bad that I even said the word ‘Twinkie’ from behind this microphone. You’re not getting me to do that, no way.”
Finally the governor called on another reporter to proceed with the Q&A session.
“And don’t go to Devil Dogs,” he said to the man. “Don’t try it.”
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