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Op-Ed: Race and crime — Not as simple as some think

By Alexander Baron     Nov 17, 2012 in Crime
Rochdale - The hysteria of political correctness has been used to brainwash the population into thinking 'racism' is the be-all and end-all of crime when different races are involved, but often it is more complex than that.
Up until about fifteen years ago, as far as race and crime went, it was all one-way traffic. Whites were the perpetrators, even when they were the victims. If there were four or five times more blacks in gaol than whites, it was because of racist police officers, racist society or just plain racists. Then something happened. People began to stop making excuses for young black men shooting each other because somebody was dissed and couldn't afford to lose face. Black women began to think if it wasn't okay to call their menfolk niggers, it wasn't acceptable for the same men to call them ho's. And exactly how did racism cause drug addiction or rape?
In 1998, the Metropolitan Police set up Operation Trident to tackle especially black on black gun crime, but fortunately, most crime, violent or otherwise, does not concern guns.
If blacks weren't the only sinners out there, few others were saints. The recent and sadly ongoing grooming cases in the Rochdale area involves Pakistani males and mostly underage white girls. Jack Straw and former Labour MP Ann Cryer before him drew attention to the attitudes of certain Pakistani males to young (white) girls to the fury of the usual suspects. The Jimmy Savile affair does not in any way detract from the truths they dared to tell.
Now the Children's Commissioner has come under fire for producing what has been called a politically correct report on the grooming of underage girls by Asian gangs. Is she right? The answer is of course yes and no.
The question we should ask is not why do Asian paedophiles target young white girls but why don't they target Asian girls? The answer is simple, Asian and especially Moslem girls don't grow up in care, and those in low income families - of which there are many - don't drink alcohol, or become juvenile delinquents, like white girls do, nor do they become immersed in gang culture and get handed around among youths of their own age, like black girls.
The common connection here is families. Many inner city blacks and "low class" whites have coped very badly with the disintegration of the traditional extended family; nuclear families and especially one parent families headed mostly by single mothers are far more responsible for crime, delinquency and other social evils than racism, sexism or any other phony ism.
These facts may be unpleasant, they may be inconvenient, but they must be confronted. While it is admirable of the police to investigate grooming gang crimes and to lock up the perpetrators, it would be even more admirable if there were no - or at least far fewer - victims for these lowlifes to prey on. Catching paedophiles and bringing them to justice is relatively easy; keeping young girls off the street, and teenage boys away from drugs and alcohol are not so easy, certainly not for those growing up in care, broken homes or no homes at all in the proper sense. This is a task that will take years or even a generation.
On the same but a slightly different subject, a woman has been fined for racially abusing a fellow passenger on the London Underground. Rebecca Afeigan - who is black - was said to have kicked and spat at a Polish man because she couldn't understand his accent. She also told a black man to "go home to Africa".
Though both unpleasant and inexcusable, this was hardly the crime of the century, but must it of necessity have been racially motivated? Had she been white, it would have been automatically branded so, as with the California woman who voiced her disapproval of the US election result on Facebook.
Rebecca Afeigan was described as a cocaine and alcohol addict, which is all the explanation that was needed. Rightly or wrongly she was probably angry at the world, and at anyone she perceived to have got in her way, literally or otherwise.
Chris Rock has some wise words on this subject in his faggots routine. He asks are we supposed to be politically correct and mad at the same time? Obviously the morons who draughted Britain's Draconian race laws and the vested interests that put them up to it have never considered this and never will. But just because they are blinded by their own piety, doesn't mean we have to be as well.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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