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article imageBarbara Bush on Obama's re-election: He won, deal with it

By Can Tran     Nov 16, 2012 in Politics
Barbara Bush, the former First Lady to former United States President George H.W. Bush, said that the election's over and it's time to move on.
Former First Lady Barbara Bush is one of the latest to give her two cents on the 2012 United States Presidential Election in which Democratic incumbent Barack Obama won re-election against GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Many figures in the Republican Party weighed in and gave their many different reasons that Romney lost the election. Bush was part of a panel at the Enduring Legacies of America's First Ladies conference at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. At the conference, they were cautious not to give political views and so forth.
Bush, who gave her support to Romney said that the election is over and the voters have chosen Obama. She said that people need to get over it and move on. In terms of compromise, Bush said that both Democrats and Republicans will have to compromise. With this respect, are both parties going to compromise? Will members of the Tea Party Movement allow Republicans to compromise with the Democrats? One of those topics where both parties may have to compromise is the “fiscal cliff.”
Barbara Bush is the First Lady to former United States President George H.W. Bush. They're the parents of former US President George W. Bush and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
Many in the GOP are blaming their losses on the Tea Party Movement. A Columbus Dispatch editorial blames the Tea Party as one of the reasons the country's at the fiscal cliff. It talks about a recent poll by Washington Post and Pew Research Center. According to the poll, 59% of Americans are ready to blame the GOP while 29% of Americans are ready to blame Obama.
A blog on New asks if it is time for the Tea Party Movement to leave the stage. While there are many Republicans blaming the Tea Party for election losses, the Tea Party is rejecting the blame. The blog talked about people such as Christine O'Donell who won the GOP primary for the Delaware Senate race but lost the Senate (or general?) race in 2010 by questioning the First Amendment. It also talked about Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock who lost their respective Senate races in Missouri and Indiana when they gave their views on rape and abortion which many have considered extreme and outrageous.
Recently, Romney addressed his campaign donors on why he lost to Obama. He said that Obama won because he gave “gifts” to his voting blocks. This caused Romney to receive fire from Republicans and Democrats. While Barbara Bush weighed in on the election, she didn't talk about Romney's “gift” remark.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty are among the latest in the GOP to give criticism about Romney's remarks.
Christie's words echoed that of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who is set to lead the Republican Governors Association in 2013. When on MSNBC's “Morning Joe,” Christie said that a person cannot expect to be the United States President and say something that divides people. Furthermore, Christie said that he wasn't going to condemn Romney for those remarks.
Pawlenty said that “gifts” did not cause Obama to win the election. He said that Obama's campaign had better tactics. With more on the “gifts” remark, Pawlenty said that it isn't “that simple.”
Meghan McCain, the daughter of GOP Senator John McCain of Arizona, also weighed in on the loss by Romney and the Republican Party in her Daily Beast article. When assessing the GOP in its current state, McCain said she doesn't believe that telling the LGBT community that they don't have the same opportunities due to sexual orientation is a role of the government. She also addressed immigration and believes that the children who came illegally to the country should not be deported.
She said that the times are changing. McCain also addressed the Tea Party Movement. She said that the GOP cannot allow itself to be bullied by the Tea Party. McCain finishes off by saying that she entertain the idea of changing her political affiliation to an Independent if she doesn't see any changes in the GOP in the next four years.
As the 2012 US Election cycle is over, we have the 2014 and 2016 Elections to think about. In 2014, there are many Senate, House, and governor's races due to take place. Also, we cannot forget about mayoral races in the major cities either.
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