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article imageVideo: 'Gangnam Style' and the Free Tibet movement collide

By Can Tran     Nov 16, 2012 in World
The sensation of Psy's "Gangnam Style" has reached Tibetans. Members of Free Tibet have made and uploaded their own parody of Gangnam Style.
Ever since the song and video “Gangnam Style” by Psy was introduced in South Korea, it quickly became an international sensation. Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Jackman, and Madonna have embraced Gangnam Style. South Korea, where Gangnam Style came from, is capitalizing on its international popularity. Politicians are also embracing Gangnam Style. It has even led to parodies with one parody involving Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee for the 2012 United States Presidential Election. The video was called “Mitt Romney Style.” Gangnam Style can be used for humor or on serious matters but still be comedic about it.
Tibetan activists, striking for an independent Tibet, are the latest embracing the Gangnam Style sensation. Recently, several citizens of Tibet have resorted to taking their own lives through self-immolation to protest China's leadership of Tibet. So far, the Chinese government and the self-proclaimed Tibetan government in exile have been at odds with each other for many decades. Tibetans argue that the Chinese are oppressing them through culture, religion, and politics. At the same time, China's government is claiming that Tibetans are happy with the leadership.
Back to Gangnam Style, the song and music video has been used as a viable political weapon. TIME Magazine explains that Psy's Gangnam style ended up be used by the South Korean coast guard, the Chinese coast guard, and Royal Thai Armed Forces as they came up with their own parodies.
Instead of resorting to self-immolations, those that are campaigning and protesting for an independent Tibet have embraced Psy's Gangnam Style. Members of Free Tibet went and made their own parody video. The main star is the performer taking on the role of Psy; but, the performer's wearing a large head shaped to look like that of Xi Jinping. Jinping is due to be the next leader of China's ruling Communist Party. This parody is made to poke fun at Jinping. Other than that, even the people of Tibet are embracing the craze and sensation of Gangnam Style.
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