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article imageCriticisms of Mitt Romney's 'gift' remarks continues growing

By Can Tran     Nov 15, 2012 in Politics
Since Mitt Romney's "gifts" remarks yesterday, criticism from many sides continue to be directed towards him. The criticism for those comments increase.
Many notable figures in the Republican Party/GOP have weighed in on Mitt Romney's loss to Barack Obama in the 2012 United States Elections. Romney, the GOP nominee, talked to his campaign donors on why he lost the election to Obama who's the Democratic incumbent. In this conversation, Romney gave an “explanation” which resulted in criticism headed back in his direction. Democrats and Republicans have dished out their own criticism towards Romney. One example is GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana who openly rejected Romney's explanation. Jindal is set to lead the Republican Governors Association in 2013. Recently, Jindal talked about how the GOP needed to stop being the party of “stupidity.” David Axelrod, a senior adviser to Obama's campaign, pointed out Romney's “47%” remark.
You have people "asking" about their "gifts" in response to Romney.
A Huffington Post article reported on tweets coming from voters talking about those so-called “gifts” Romney was talking about. Tweets about Obama's “gifts” talked about things such as: early Downtown Abbey episodes, a lame salad bowl, a pony, an iPad mini. Twitter responses to Romney's “gift” remarks were comical yet serious at the same time.
This is an example on how this “gifts” remark could hurt Romney in the future. GOP responses are a signal that members of the party are distancing themselves from Romney. Since the 2012 elections are over, we still have the 2014 and 2016 elections. In 2014, you have US Senate, US House, and governor's races. After the 2012 elections, the GOP maintained control of the House; but, they loss Senate races.
According to an article on Forbes, that remark shows how the GOP is confused on Obama's economic message. The piece said that identity politics wasn't the reason Obama won the election; it was something that has been problematic to Republicans for a long time. Furthermore, it said that the GOP needs to understand that constituents in the middle-class have diverse views on what it means to achieve the American Dream.
Washington Post, in an article, talks about a report by the Republican National Committee (RNC). In the report, the GOP missed out several things. According to the polling data, more voters blamed economic problems on former US President George W. Bush than they do on current US President Barack Obama. Also, the data said that the middle-class favored Obama's policies. It also said that late voters chose Obama over Romney due to the handling of Hurricane Sandy which became a superstorm after converging with the nor'easter. The northeast United States was battered because of Sandy. The article further says that nothing in the RNC report talked about Romney's “gifts” assessment.
In further criticism, more notable Republicans are firing off against Romney. Aside from Jindal, other GOP governors have spoken against Romney's “gift” remark. Governor Terry Branstand of Iowa said that saying such things isn't going to help. Florida Governor Rick Scott said that that Romney's “gift” comment was not appropriate. Ana Navarro, a GOP strategist, took to Twitter and fired back at Romney's comments. Navarro told Romney to take responsibility for his loss.
Latino voters took to Twitter to express criticism on Romney's “gifts” comment. One person took to Twitter and asked “Where's my gift, esse?”
A Huffington Post blog redirects Romney's comments. David Halperin, who wrote the blog, said that it was Romney who was the one with the “gifts.” On Halperin's blog, there's a list of “gifts” posted. One gift would for the colleges that are for-profit such as University of Phoenix. It listed contributions Romney received from those from the for-profit colleges such as Bill Heavener who is the CEO of Full Sail University. It also lists those for-profit colleges are at risk of losing federal aid eligibility and that they failed when it came for gainful employment.
Furthermore, Halperin also talked about Romney's gift to the banks that give out the student loans. In short, Halperin addressed student debt. In regards to student loans, banks, and lenders, members of the Occupy Wall Street Movement has launched through “Strike Debt” called “Rolling Jubilee.” Strike Debt will purchase the debt and forgive it.
These are examples of the growing criticisms toward Romney for his “gift” comment to donors. Though there's still time between now and 2014, it's currently unclear what Romney's political future will be. Will the GOP look to him for assistance in the 2014 elections?
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