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article imageOp-Ed: Sex scandals — What about the women who help create them?

By Eric Morales     Nov 15, 2012 in Politics
David Petraeus is "All In" a mess thanks to an adulterous affair with his 40-year-old biographer Paula Broadwell, but like many sex scandals you won't hear too much criticism about the other half, the woman
David Petraues resigned citing an affair amid his tenure as the country's fifth Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Ending a long career with the United States military, 37-years in fact which saw him mostly assigned to staff positions or educational posts. In fact it wasn't until 2000 that Petraeus received his first silver star making him a Brigadier General.
During his time in Iraq nearly 200,000 AK-47's went missing, that were meant for the Iraqi Security Forces, they most likely ended up in the hands of terrorists, but then again it was Petraeus who inferred that the war was doomed for failure, when he made his infamous remarks, "Tell me how this ends" during the beginning days of the Iraq war. As CIA Director he kept a low profile in comparison to Leon Panetta and rarely spoke to the press, when he did testify before Congress it was always in closed sessions.
All that seems to be forgotten now, the hard work, the dedication, the endless pursuit of his education, the journey that got him here. When he's dead and the news comes across television, some middle aged couple will say to each other, 'Didn't he have an affair?' It's sad but we all know it's true. Maybe it's deserved, maybe the adulterous trysts of a national leader is so bad, so damaging to our trust that we shouldn't get over it. We all mostly have with Bill Clinton, but then again we all knew Bill liked to have sex when we elected him. Plus he balanced the budget and left us a surplus, and he wasn't that guy, the guy who just doesn't do that. David Petraeus is that guy, he married the Superintendent of West Point's daughter, Molly Knowlton when he graduated there in 1974. He lives on a rustic property in New Hampshire, he's a Republican. But now he is that guy, he had sex, with another woman, a married woman and apparently a lot of it, enough to fill binder's full of emails to twist a phrase from Mitt Romney. There is no shortage of criticism for General Petraeus, but what about the other woman.
Paula Broadwell hit the big 4-0 on Friday, the same day President Obama accepted her lover's resignation. She is a soldier herself, a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves, promoted in August of 2012. A glance at her resume leads you to think of her as intelligent, with degrees from West Point and Harvard, she even worked with the FBI at one point, albeit with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, but my mercy the irony. She has two children ages six and four.
So where are the pundits calling her a fool? Where is the criticism? Where is the same public humiliation, on the same level that has been meted out against General Petraeus? I can not help but observe one simple fact, when it comes to affairs society seems to criticize the men who have them, way more then the women they have them with. Is it because women are considered delicate? Do we consider the sexual appetites of males to be overwhelming, thus women are excused? Basically he made her do it. I think this logic is anti-women. I'm not saying that to be controversial, or even chauvinistic, I truly believe that women are capable of doing anything and even more then men. That would include weathering the brunt of criticism of an affair.
ABC reported in 2011, that the University of Indiana had found, that 19 percent of women studied reported cheating on their significant others, the number was 23 percent for the men polled. With that said, be it the Schwarzenegger scandal, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards or now David Petraeus it's important to point out it takes two to tango, and according to statistics ladies are dancing with other partners just as much as men are. The 50's are over, women do it too.
While General David Petraeus is an idiot for doing what he did, and a cad, Paula Broadwell is just as low down. She knew he was married, she knew he had children, she knew he held the safety of all of us American citizens, diplomats overseas and military personnel serving in harms way, reliant on the information his organization must gather, literally in his hands. She played with fire anyway, she has brought countless lives into this and ruined her own reputation and career. A simple no, a simple thinking with ones head, not their hormones could have spared both David and Paula a lot of grief, but also Molly Petraeus and Scott Broadwell. Just remember when you go to cast your stones this was not a game of solitaire, don't aim solely at David Petraeus.
With that being said if you think this resignation had nothing to do with Benghazi, I have beach front property in Oklahoma you may be interested in, of course my opinion is my own.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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