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article imageRomney to donors: I lost because Obama gave 'gifts' to key voters

By Can Tran     Nov 14, 2012 in Politics
Mitt Romney is the latest person to weigh-in on his loss to US President Barack Obama in the 2012 US Presidential Elections. In a call to donors, Romney explained the reasons he lost.
2012 has been a grueling election cycle for both Democrats and Republicans. Republicans managed to maintain control of the United States House of Representatives; but, the GOP has suffered losses in the United States Senate races. Currently, blame is being thrown in all directions. A good portion of the blame being thrown is within the GOP. That's not the only loss that the GOP suffered; GOP nominee Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, had lost the United States presidency to Democratic incumbent Barack Obama. Many within the GOP weighed in on why Romney and the party had lost all those races. They have given their own reasons for the most part.
Recently, both Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal had given their two cents on the issue. Paul Ryan, who is backed by the Tea Party Movement, was chosen by Romney to be the vice-presidential running mate. Ryan blamed the “urban” voters for Romney's loss to Obama. Jindal said that the Republican party cannot be the “stupid party” that is anti-intellectual and too favorable to the wealthy. Ryan, due to being Romney's VP running mate, could be a powerful political player in the US House of Representatives come next year. Jindal could to become a power player due to him leading the Republican Governors Association coming next year.
Romney himself has weighed in when he was giving a call to his donors. When talking to his campaign donors, Romney talked about Obama's key voting blocks. To the donors, Romney was talking about how Obama focused on giving “gifts” to those voting blocks. Romney said those “gifts” were for “small things.” Then, he said that they add up to trillions of dollars.
Such examples of “gifts” Romney talked about were the forgiveness of college loans to the young voters and free contraceptives to the younger college-aged women. He also talked about the health care act which been dubbed as “Obamacare.” He specifically talked about “Obamacare” to his campaign donors. Romney explained that because of that, Obama got support from African-American and Latino voters.
To further talk about the Latino voters, Romney talked about the talk about the Dream Act.
This is how Romney weighed in on his election loss when addressing his donors. It is different from what Ryan and Jindal said. However, this explanation has caused Romney to take heat. One person to fire back at Romney is David Axelrod, the senior adviser for the Obama campaign. Axelrod pointed out Romney's remark on the “47%.” The recorded footage of Romney's remark ended up being used as a campaign ad against him. Another person to fire back at Romney about those remarks was Jindal.
Jindal said that what Romney said was wrong. Furthermore, Jindal openly rejected what Romney said about losing to Obama. Jindal was pretty vocal in his rejection of Romney's words about Obama's win. At the annual GOP Governors Association meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jindal said that what Romney said doesn't represent the party nor the direction the party is going.
It's simply a matter of time before more people weigh in and give their thoughts on Romney's remarks about these “gifts” to Obama's key voters. Since Axelrod and Jindal have responded, more notable figures are going to respond as well.
A few hours earlier, before news revealed Romney's conversation with his campaign donors, US President Obama said that he hopes to have a talk with Romney before the end of 2012. Obama said that certain ideas from Romney will be helpful in the future.
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