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article imageReview: 'The 4-Hour Chef' is more than just a cookbook Special

By BeeHive     Nov 14, 2012 in Lifestyle
Timothy Ferriss's third book 'The 4 - Hour Chef' is sure to put him on the bestseller list again. Don't judge a book by its cover is the best way to describe this wonderfully insightful look on how anyone can learn something new.
Timothy Ferriss's new book The 4 - hour Chef has been on my books I have to read list since he first announced that he would be released. As luck would have it as I was wandering around my local bookstore I decided to ask when it would be in, when the answer was it was already IN the store I bought two copies and went straight home to start reading.
Anyone that has read the previous books by Timothy Ferriss it isn't a surprise that the title of this book only reflects the tip of the ice burg. The 4 - Hour Chef is more than just a cookbook it is a game changer.
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To answer a few simple questions, yes it is a cookbook but the author never claims to be an expert or a chef - what the book is really about is showing that we all are able to take a skill and develop it in a way that we can be very sufficient in what we choose to do. Before we get to the actual recipes, which are broken down into three main sections; The Domestic (beginners), The Wild (the basics +), and The Scientist (advanced skills) Ferriss goes over Meta-Learning.
If I only read the Meta-Learning part of this book I could easily put it down and feel that I got my money's worth. The information and the style of which he explains in the book is what he has put into practice, this isn't anything new Ferriss is know for using himself as his own guinea pig before - what is original about this book is we learn about his "secret recipes", how he learned how to speak fluent Spanish in 8 weeks and become a record holder in tango after 5 months.
If I could find any flaw in the book there are times where as basic as the book is he also has backing for his research that can be a little more challenging to follow but doesn't drag on and doesn't take away from the book itself. It is a well written and laid out book and it high on my recommendation list. Spoiler alert for any of my family and friends following and will be a stock gift this holiday season.
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