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article imageTwo women charged after photos of toddlers with joints found

By Arthur Weinreb     Nov 14, 2012 in Crime
Hyden - The Kentucky mother and grandmother face charges after pictures showing two young children with what appears to be marijuana joints in their mouths were taken to a store to be developed.
The two women certainly qualify to join the select group known as the "world's dumbest criminals". If you take photographs purporting to show a couple of toddlers smoking dope, it is not a good idea to send the pictures out to be developed. And having done that, it is not a good move to leave drugs lying around the house when you know, or ought to know, that police might come a-calling.
Several photographs were taken of two boys, aged one and four, with what appear to be marijuana joints in their mouths. Some pictures include the hand of an adult with a lighter, about to light the joint while others show the children with marijuana buds in their hands.
The pair's trouble began when a relative sent the photographs out to a store in Hyden, Kentucky to be developed. On Friday afternoon, the grandmother and other relatives went to the store and tried to cancel the processing of the film. They were told that the photographs had already been developed. The group then left the store without taking the photos with them.
After seeing the pictures, store employees called police.
Deputy Adrian Corbett, of the Leslie County Sheriff's Office, summed up the situation nicely. He is quoted in the Lexington Herald Leader as saying, "It was ridiculous. The family left without the photos which doesn't make sense."
Sheriff's officers, together with child care workers went to the home of Tracy Hensley, the mother of the children. Five children, ranging in age from one to seven, were removed from the home. The New York Daily News reports they have been placed in the care of a relative.
Tracy Hensley was charged with one count of unlawful transaction with a child and one count of child endangerment.
Officers also went to the home of Beth Ann Hensley, Tracy's mother. At her home they found 24 marijuana plants around the house and a bag of marijuana. Beth Ann allegedly admitted the drugs were hers. She faces charges of trafficking, possession, and cultivation of marijuana.
WAVE TV reports Beth Ann Hensley admitted she took the pictures but says the joints contained Prince Albert tobacco, not marijuana. As to why she took the pictures, she said, "It was just [something] to show them later on in a picture album how crazy their grandma was."
The crazy grandma says she will do everything she can to help Tracy get her children back.
Police say more charges may be laid.
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