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article imageGovernor Bobby Jindal To GOP: Stop being the 'idiot party'

By Can Tran     Nov 13, 2012 in Politics
GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is the latest in notable GOP figures to weigh-in and speak on the recent 2012 US Elections.
After the 2012 United States Election cycle, Barack Obama retained the United States Presidency as the Democratic incumbent. Mitt Romney's loss to Obama was one of the GOP losses suffered in the elections. Aside from losing a shot at the White House, Republicans suffered many losses in the United States Senate races. There is much blaming going around from within the GOP on how and why their party lost in the elections. GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is one of those to sound off on the reasons for party's losses.
This was the first time Jindal gave a post-election interview let alone weigh-in on the elections. He gave this message to the GOP: “stop being the stupid party.” Jindal's not the only one who is saying similar words; but, he's the only one so far to actually say “stupid” and “party” in the same sentence. In short, he said that the GOP needs to do these things: stop embracing anti-intellectualism and embrace a populist reform. Jindal said that the latter was effective against Obama.
Furthermore, he said that the GOP has to stop being the party of loopholes, big business, etc, This stems from a forty-five minute interview with Politico. Jindal also said that the Republicans need to stop simply being for the rich people. While Jindal didn't name names, he did point out the damage that many Republicans had done to the party brand. He said that there will always be those people; but, he said those types of blunders cannot be tolerated. In regards to Obama, Jindal said to stop being the party that's “anti-Obama.”
With that said, Jindal's got some plan in motion. If that's the case, how will that plan play a role in the 2014 or 2016 elections? Come 2014, there will be plenty of US House and US Senate races. Come 2016, there will be a new US Presidential election since Obama cannot run for a third term.
So far, Jindal said not to retreat from the party's stances on issues; but, to be “softer.” “Softer” can be interpreted in many ways, means, and forms. In regards to the plan, is the Tea Party Movement going to play any role in it?
Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, said that the GOP took the Tea Party Movement out of the “game.” The Tea Party is on the defensive as there was blame being thrown at the movement for GOP losses in the White House and the US Senate.
In short, Jindal implies that the GOP needs fresh ideas. There is this important question to be asked: How far will Jindal's recent comment about the GOP being the “stupid party” travel? He's not the only GOP figure to have their own views on what direction the party needs to go in.
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