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article imageVideo: Paul Ryan weighs in on US President Obama's re-election

By Can Tran     Nov 13, 2012 in Politics
GOP Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is the latest to weigh in on why Mitt Romney lost to President Barack Obama on Election Night.
It's been almost one whole week since the end of the 2012 United States Election cycle. In regards to the United States Presidency, it was Barack Obama who defeated former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Obama, the Democratic incumbent, defeated Romney, who was the GOP challenger. Now, there's seemingly a blame game at hand for Romney's loss. The blame is being tossed around in all different directions. Not only was the US Presidential election a loss to Republicans, the US Senate races were a loss to Republicans as well.
Many figures in the Republican Party had weighed on Romney's loss. Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is one of the latest to weigh in. Ryan was selected to be the vice presidential running mate for Mitt Romney. So far, Ryan had his own words to say which contrast from what other notable Republicans have been saying.
On Election Night, Ryan talked about how the mood at the hotel suite became sad and depressing. He said that Obama won the election “fair and square.” When weighing in, Ryan said that Obama won because of the voter turnout in the cities. In short, Ryan blames Romney's loss on the urban voters. The Huffington Post article that reported on Ryan's take noted an article from Politico by James Hohmann. In a sense, Ryan's shocked and surprised by the high voter turnout at urban areas let alone those voters that supported Obama.
According to Hohmann, that's not the only reason the Romney-Ryan ticket lost. Hohmann explained that the ticket lost in New Hampshire, which is very predominantly white. He takes it further explaining other reasons the ticket lost. In this respect, Hohmann shoots down Ryan's assumption that urban voters were to blame for Romney's loss.
When asked about the future, Ryan said that it's “too soon.” Other known Republicans have given their two cents on Romney's loss and the Republican losses.
Billionaire Donald Trump, after Obama got re-elected, took to Twitter and made angry tweets. He was talking about how the election was a farce. In one tweet, Trump said that the world was “laughing at the United States.” Recently, many are distancing themselves from Trump. There's a growing petition for Macy's to get rid of Trump. Trump has been a spokesperson for Macy's for a long time. This petition has celebrity backing from singers such as Cher. In one tweet, Cher talked about not wanting to shop at Macy's again because they sold Trump's merchandise.
Conservative columnist Michael Barone was speaking at Hillsdale College's Kirby Center on November 9, a few days after Election Night. He weighed in on the elections. Barone targeted the Tea Party Movement for the GOP losses. He said that the Tea Party brought in some with “talent” and too many “wackos” on the ticket. Barone targeted Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, Tea Party Republicans that lost their respective Senate races in Missouri and Indiana.
Peggy Noonan, the former speechwriter to the late former president Ronald Reagan, echoed Barone's words when she spoke on CBS' “Face the Nation.” Noonan said that many Americans didn't like the GOP in its current perceptions. She said the two following things about the Tea Party: first, the movement needs to take a look at itself; second, channeling the Tea Party rage isn't going to get the GOP where it needs to be.
Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, who is a Democrat, said that the GOP needs to get rid of the “stench” created by the Tea Party. He said that he hopes the GOP will see “writing on the wall.” In his words, O'Malley is implying that the GOP needs to ditch the Tea Party Movement.
Carlos Guitierrez, Romney's adviser on Latino outreach, said that the current aura of the GOP scared the Latino voters. Instead of voting for Romney, most Latinos voted for Obama.
Tea Party members blame Romney for not being conservative enough. They blamed him for being a “weak moderate.” The group blames the Republican losses on the mainstream establishment of the party. In short, the Tea Party Movement refuses to take any of the blame. Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, blames the GOP for “taking them out of play” and them blaming them for the losses.
Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, a notable GOP figure, said that Obama won because he managed to paint Romney in a negative light. Norquist, on “CBS This Morning,” said Obama achieved victory by portraying Romney as a “poopy head.”
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