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article imageVideo: Grover Norquist on US President Barack Obama

By Can Tran     Nov 12, 2012 in Politics
Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist said that Barack Obama won the Presidential Election by painting Mitt Romney as a "poopy head."
Grover Norquist, the known anti-tax crusader and notable GOP pundit, sounded off on the re-election of United States President Barack Obama. Obama defeated former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney who became the eventual Republican challenger. However, that wasn't the only loss that the GOP suffered. While the Republican Party has maintained control of the US House of Representatives, it has failed to take control of the US Senate. Norquist weighed in on Obama's re-election and Romney's loss in the US Presidential race.
Now, Norquist will be remembered for saying “poopy head.” He said this when interviewed CBS “This Morning.” Other media outlets quickly picked up on it. According to Norquist, Obama did not beat Romney by the economic message; instead as suggested by Norquist, Obama beat Romney because the former painted the latter as a “poopy head.” In layman's terms, Norquist said that Obama won by putting Romney in a negative light.
In regards to tax rates, Norquist still sticks to his guns that raising taxes is not the way to go. He said that Obama isn't interested in taxing the wealthy people. Instead, Norquist gave the suggestion that Obama wants to increase energy taxes on the middle class. He said that the Democrats want to have taxes increased on Americans in general.
With further regard to Obama, Norquist said that Obama hasn't sat down and talked with people who don't agree with him at this point. He said that Obama isn't used to people are are “yes” people. In regards to the GOP, Norquist said that the Republicans failed to reach out to the minorities who ended up voting for Obama.
Also, there is the alleged insult of those that go to public schools saying they don't “understand America.”
While Norquist has simply given his input on the matter, he will be remembered for the simple “poopy head” remark.
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