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article imageOp-Ed: Israel unlikely to wait until six million are dead this time

By Larry Clifton     Nov 12, 2012 in Politics
With the Mid-East Peace process in ruins, the "Red Alert" text from Israel's Home Front Command warning about a million people near the Gaza border "to remain within 15 seconds" of a bomb shelter is now a daily call.
Thoughts of a looming war are not prompted by nightly news in Israel; it is the whistling whoosh from incoming rockets fired by anti-Semitic Islamists from the Gaza strip that remind Jews that the enemy is near.
By noon, Monday, terrorists had launched 10 additional missiles at Israel, bringing the total launched since Saturday to 100, according to a USA Today report.
Meanwhile, on its Syrian border, mortars fired by Syrians engaged in a civil war spill over the border, landing in close proximity to Israeli troops.
Hamas, a Palestinian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood whose political party dominated parliamentary elections in Egypt, took over Gaza in 2007 after violently subduing the weaker Fatah Palestinian faction that threatens Israel from the West Bank. The stated goal of Hamas in its founding charter is the destruction of Israel.
While Iran’s President has a similar goal, many Western analysts say that country wishes to obtain nuclear weapons toward that end.
Monday, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said Israeli tanks scored "direct hits" on targets inside Syria in response to mortar fire that landed in an open area in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. Israeli military officials claim "Syrian mobile artillery" pieces were destroyed in the exchange.
While Western governments debate the ability and intent of Iran to produce nuclear weapons, Israel faces a more stark reality. Israelis are growing more frustrated and jittery as hundreds of rockets rain down on their towns and communities.
Meanwhile U.S. President Barack Obama has distanced himself from Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is resigned to the notion that Israel stands alone against a host of anti-Semitic Arab nations set on waging war.
"Hamas is responsible for the rocket fire and all other attempts to harm our soldiers and civilians, even when other groups participate. And it is Hamas that will pay the heavy price," Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Monday.
For now, Israel remains in defensive mode, settling accounts with carefully orchestrated responses, one incident at a time.
However, one gets the feeling the fuse of a third world war may be lit and burning in the form of homicide bombers, Iranian nukes and daily rocket and mortar attacks on Israel by her hostile neighbors. The big bang may be a nuclear airstrike on Iran’s embedded nuclear plants.
It’s ironic that anti-Semites may be responsible for World War III, just as a much blonder, fair-skinned tribe of them from Europe was responsible for World War II.
Israel’s back is against the wall and her leaders have said, plainly, that they do not intend to wait for Iran to launch first.
After six million Jews perished waiting for the West to respond to Nazi atrocities, it would be foolish for Western leaders to think that a well-armed, independent Israel is going to wait that long again.
Equally foolish, is the notion that a nuclear exchange would not detonate a third world war that dwarfs the War on Terror.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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