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article imageSNL spoof: Mitt Romney drowns post-election sorrows in milk

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 12, 2012 in Politics
A post-election photo showing Romney with his family, drinking from a carton of chocolate milk, inspires a "Saturday Night Live" spoof that imagines how Romney might have spent the election night, alone with his family and gallons of milk.
Comedian Jason Sudeikis plays Romney standing outside his posh balcony downing cartons of milk. SNL comedian Kate McKinnon, plays Ann Romney and Taran Killam combines the roles of Romney's sons: Tag, Matt and Josh.
Romney swears, "darn it all to heck" as he struggles to deal with post-election blues the way a faithful Mormon should, get drunk on gallons of nutritious milk and vitamin D. He says ruefully: ā€I still love you America, I do, but you've hurt my feelings very, very much.ā€
Wife and sons make clumsy attempts to comfort weeping Job. Tagg, the faithful son, even threatens to punch all America in the face.
Karl Rove (Bobby Moynihan) makes an inappropriate appearance, still hoping for a win in Ohio. He demands $300 million and gets tossed over the balcony into the bush, deservedly.
Romney drowns sorrows in milk
Romney drowns sorrows in milk
Tag asks Dad what more he feels the needs to accomplish. Dad answers: "I have so much I want to do. I want to find out how mayonnaise is made."
In a separate sketch, SNL comedian Jay Pharaoh, plays the characteristically smug Obama, gloating over victory, exclaiming with affected modesty that he was surprised he won with the high unemployment, high gas prices and poor debate performance. He says: "Five-dollar gas, eight percent unemployment, I even gave you a first-debate head start! and on top of that, Iā€™m Black... Come on Republicans, what happened? This was yours to win!... "
He thanks Republicans for helping Democrats win in the Senate with stupid remarks about rape and abortion.
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