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article imageOp-Ed: Obama’s victory is bad news for Israel and Christian Americans

By Eliot Elwar     Nov 10, 2012 in Politics
Obama’s reelection means bad news for Israel as Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulates Obama, while Israeli officials prepare for Obama’s second term. Obama’s reelection victory confirms the secularization of American civilization.
From HAARETZ: When Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Obama on his re-election, he said "the strategic alliance between Israel and the United States is stronger than ever." He added, "I will continue to work with President Obama to ensure the vital security interests of Israel and the United States." He said he will meet later with US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro. Defense Minister Ehud Barak congratulated the president. He said: "I have no doubt the Obama administration will continue its policy of supporting Israel’s security and make all efforts to meet the challenges in our region while working to advance the peace process".
From Israel Today : While Israeli government officials belonging to the ruling right-wing parties were all disappointed about Barack Obama's victory in the US presidential election, they remained determined to keep Israel-US ties tight and secure. Although Deputy Knesset Speaker Danny Danon offered his congratulations to Obama, he said it was important to remember the incumbent American president had not been good to Israel during his first term. Danon said: "We should not be hypocrites and say everyone is good. Obama has greatly supported Islam and he will pay a very heavy price, he lost sympathy in the Jewish street and in Israel, and also many Christians are disappointed in him….It is my hope, and that of many Israelis, that the president resets his course relating to Israel and our region for the next four years".
From Israel Today: "Rather than dictating ill-advised policies that endanger the well-being of America's only true ally in the Mideast, now is the time for President Obama to return to the wise and time-honored policy of 'zero daylight' between our respective nations." Israeli officials say that it has been a long time since Obama visited Israel, something he conspicuously avoided during his first term. Israeli leaders believe that Obama has been "the most hostile president to Israel in recent decades" and cautioned that his reelection would not bode well for the Jewish state. Netanyahu himself only thinly veiled his preference for challenger Mitt Romney to win the election in the months leading up to the poll.”
From Israel National News: According to World Likud leader and Knesset Member Danny Danon, Israel will not bend for President Barack Obama, despite his re-election victory. MK Danon said: "Obama’s victory demonstrates that Israel needs to worry about its interests.” Obama has hurt the United States by his naive leadership in foreign policy, which prefers the Arab world over the Western world and Israel.
The re-election of President Barack Obama comes as no surprise to persons watching the transformation of American culture from a Judeo-Christian civilization into a more secular population. An increasing number of Americans are becoming more anti-Israel and pro-Islamic; therefore, the days of Israel’s favored relationship with the US appear numbered. The Obama administration plans to keep Israel in complete isolation unless Israel’s leadership returns to the pre-1967 borders with a Palestinian State within the heart of Israel. Today, more Americans are favoring drug usage, abortion, sexual immorality, and marriage among homosexuals, which are strictly prohibited in Jewish and Christian religious traditions. As these changes occur in America, more conservative Christian religious freedoms will disappear throughout the US.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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