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article imageVideo: Gay men lay the 'smackdown' on a gay basher

By Can Tran     Nov 10, 2012 in World
In a short video recording, two men decided to "bash back" against a person that was making abusive remarks to the LGBT community.
In the 2012 United States Elections, which have already passed by, there were many foreign policy, economic, and social issues that were on the debate table and campaign trail. As a social issue, LGBT rights such as same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption seemingly took a back seat. It was an issue during the GOP primary with the possibility of the overturning the repeal on “Don't Ask Don't Tell.” Since Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed, servicemen and women who can be open about being part of the LGBT community. Several states have just approved same-sex marriage at the ballots.
The LGBT community has made a lot of progress as of 2012. One recent victory for the LGBT community is the victory of Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. She defeated GOP Tommy Thompson in the US Senate race for Wisconsin's seat. Thompson will serve in the US Senate as the first openly-gay politician and first openly-gay female senator.
With regards to the general election, LGBT issues have taken a backseat. In Rolling Stone magazine, it was pointed out that questions on LGBT issues were absent during the debates between President Barack Obama and then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Obama ended up getting re-elected.
Abortions and women's rights took a front seat as social issues due to remarks made by Republicans Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. Akin and Mourdock lost their seats to their Democratic challengers.
While the LGBT community is making progress, there are still people who are going to speak out against it. In short, there are still going to be gay bashers just about anywhere in the world and practically any period of history. There have been gay bashers in the past, there are gay bashers in the present, and there will be gay bashers in the future.
In a short video, apparently taken by a mobile phone, that was uploaded onto sites such as World Star Hip Hop, YouTube, and other social media sites, two gay men decided to take their own action against a gay basher. The video is called “Straight Man Gets Beat By 2 Gay Men For Gay Abusive Language!” This video is two minutes and twenty-five seconds long. From the video's title, it seems that one man was making abusive comments to the LGBT community. In short, the guy assaulted was gay bashing and the two men “bashed back.”
This is somewhat reminiscent of the episode “Halfway Scared” from the short-lived Comedy Central series called “Halfway Home.” In the episode, there's a scene where Eulogio Pla (portrayed by actor Oscar Nunez) hits a juvenile delinquent with an object and saying this line: “I sensed a gay bash, I bashed back.”
In the case of the video, the two men bashed back at the gay basher. As a forewarning, this video does contain profanity.
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