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article imageVideo: 'Superhero' knocks out guy on street, cops watch

By Can Tran     Nov 10, 2012 in Odd News
Seattle - In Seattle, Washington, there is a "mutual combat law" in effect. "Superhero" Phoenix Jones took advantage of this law to deliver his own brand of justice.
Recently, there was an incident in Washington State that is somewhat reminiscent of the 2009 action movie called “Kick-Ass.” For those that neither heard nor watched the movie, it's based on a graphic novel series in which ordinary people take to the streets dressed as superheroes to deliver their own version of “justice.” While there are superheroes, there are no superpowers at all. In most cases, police would probably break up a scuffle between “heroes” and perpetrators. In Seattle, Washington, it's not necessarily the case.
Around past one in the morning, a group of “superheroes” were on patrol. The group consisted of: Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack, Red Falcon, Bishop, and Westlake Drake. They found themselves in confrontation with a group of men. As the police came to the scene, a fight started between Phoenix Jones and a man wearing an orange shirt. However, the police did not make any arrests and allowed the fight to happen.
In Seattle, there's something called a “mutual combat law” that's in effect. Under this “mutual combat law,” both sides have mutually agreed to the fight. The fight stops as soon as one of the people falls.
Phoenix Jones emerged victorious and the fight ended. No arrests have been made because the fight was legal. In short, there is a “mutual combat law.” In a blog on SeattlePI, it mentions 12A.06.025 of the Seattle Municipal Code. Under this code, you can get away with street fighting to an extent.
The video is available for viewing; but as a warning, there is a high level of profanity and obscene language.
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