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article imageYour BlackBerry smartphone may be causing your skin allergies

By Lesley Lanir     Nov 9, 2012 in Health
New research shows that BlackBerry smartphones contain more nickel than iPhones and Androids. Nickel is known to cause skin allergies. Those with nickel sensitivities using a BlackBerry are advised to shorten their calls and reduce text messaging.
Science Codex reports that research being presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) shows researchers tested new and used mobile phones for nickel and cobalt, metals known to cause allergic reactions. Some of the BlackBerry phones studied had nickel in them. Many of the flip-phones studied had both metals.
None of the iPhones or Androids studied tested positive for either metal.
ActionnewsJax - Webmd medical news presents the following results from the research:
Cell Phones With Nickel and Cobalt
Phone models that had no nickel and no cobalt detected included:
•iPhone 4
•iPhone 4s
•iPhone 3
•Motorola V950 Rugged Flip
•BlackBerry Torch
•BlackBerry Curve
•Motorola Droid
Models that had nickel but no cobalt included:
•BlackBerry Bold
•BlackBerry Tour
•LG Flip VX 6100
•Sony Ericsson Flip Z520a
•Motorola Flip v265
Phone models tested that had both nickel and cobalt included:
•Samsung Flip SCHA670
•LG Flip CV 500
•LG Flip VX 4400
•Motorola Flip E815
Luz Fonacier, M.D., study author and ACAAI fellow is quoted on Science Codex as saying:
"Patients with nickel and cobalt allergies should consider using iPhones or Droids to reduce the chance of having an allergic reaction." "BlackBerry users with known allergies should avoid prolonged conversations, text messaging and handling their phones if they begin noticing symptoms."
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