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article imageVideo: 'Terminator-like hand' in use turns sci-fi into reality

By Can Tran     Nov 8, 2012 in Technology
Metal worker Nigel Ackland, who lost his right forearm in an accident, demonstrates his "Terminator-like" replacement. From the video, it seemingly functions like an actual arm.
When “The Terminator,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” and “Robocop” came out, it put the idea of cyborgs and cybernetic or bionic limbs. Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Peter Weller, respectively playing the T-800 and Robocop, are actors that pioneered such thoughts which would be common in movies that focused on science-fiction. It's something one would see in those movies or anime titles such as "Ghost in the Shell," "Appleseed," and "Battle Angel Alita."
This gave ideas of actual robotic limbs to replace limbs that people lost in accidents, war, and so forth. However, progress seemingly has been made slow. That is until just now.
In a sense, a “Terminator-like” hand does exist. Nigel Ackland, who list his right forearm in an accident working at a metal smelting plant. However, he is going on and adjusting to live with a robotic arm called the “bebionic3 myoelectric hand.” The material composition consists of carbon fiber, aluminum, and metal alloys. In a video, Ackland gives a demonstration of how the hand works. Apparently, the hand is incredibly precise and functions like a regular human hand.
This video shows that we're probably not that far of creating robotic replacement limbs in the movie. Slowly, science-fiction is starting to become reality with this robotic hand.
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