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article imagePoll: 30% of Americans would submit to TSA body cavity searches

By Elliott Freeman     Nov 9, 2012 in Travel
According to a new scientific poll by Harris Interactive, almost a third of Americans would submit to a body cavity search by the TSA in order to fly.
Thirty percent of respondents to the poll, commissioned by alternative news site, said they would be "willing" or "somewhat willing" to undergo a TSA body cavity search. The full survey results can be read here.
The TSA does not currently perform anal, oral or vaginal body cavity searches, but the poll results show that many Americans would accept such a policy in the future.
The poll also asked whether Americans would wear an electric shock bracelet in order to fly. The bracelet, which was evaluated by the Department of Homeland Security in 2008, would track passengers' movements throughout the airport and allow TSA agents and airline personnel to apply a "less lethal" electric shock to any passenger who they deemed to be a potential terrorist.
In a stunning result, 37% of respondents said they would be "completely willing" or "somewhat willing" to wear the stun bracelet.
In addition, poll participants where asked how reasonable it would be for travelers to be forced by law to obey every command from a TSA agent, both inside airport and at other public places. More than half (57%) of those surveyed said such a law would be "completely reasonable" or "somewhat reasonable". This result comes as TSA agents implement a new policy where air travelers must "freeze" on command for no apparent reason, in addition to a policy of testing drinks that are purchased inside the airport, according to NBC News.
More than a third (35%) of those surveyed also stated that it was "completely acceptable" or "somewhat acceptable" for TSA agents to touch the genital areas of air travelers, which is part of the "enhanced pat-down" procedure that the TSA implemented nationwide in 2010.
Finally, 77% of respondents said that the TSA was doing an excellent, good or fair job. This comes despite the fact that numerous TSA agents have been caught stealing valuables from passengers' luggage, raping children, distributing child pornography and dealing drugs at airports. In addition, despite the millions of searches at airports and other transportation hubs, no terrorists have been caught by the TSA since the agency was created in 2001.
While many air travelers have cried foul over the TSA's escalation of intrusive policies, it appears that some Americans will put up with almost anything. Which group of people will steer the future of the TSA? That remains to be seen.
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