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Op-Ed: David Icke dices with criminal libel — again

By Alexander Baron     Nov 8, 2012 in Politics
Ryde - In the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, other names have been floated as involved in organised child abuse. Ted Heath is dead so can't defend his reputation. Others are still very much alive, and may not have to.
Some people never learn, others learn only when it is too late. Back in the 1990s, David Icke made all manner of lunatic allegations against the high and mighty, the rich and famous, including Lord Rothschild, whom Icke claimed was...well, best not repeat it here.
Neither Lord Rothschild nor anyone else sued Mr Icke for libel, and in his simple way he took this as vindication.
Let's try another name, after the dust from the Twin Towers had cleared, people long on imagination but short on facts, logic and common sense began chanting "9/11 is an inside job". Some even accused George W. Bush and Dick Cheney of being behind it. Neither man sued for libel, therefore...
The high and mighty can afford to ignore this sort of lunacy, but following last month's Jimmy Savile documentary, in addition to the vast number of unverified and for the most part unverifiable allegations made against him, others have been made, are being made, and apparently were made decades ago, by people of both sexes concerning the alleged activities of politicians and others.
In a recent interview, David Icke claims to have revealed the truth about Edward Heath while the former prime minister was still alive, in his book The Biggest Secret. One person was sufficiently impressed with this book to have scanned it and put it on-line; it is currently available in English and Spanish. Mr Icke has recently gone much further, and has named as an abuser of young boys a rather distinctive individual. It will suffice to say here that this person is the only black homosexual master of foxhounds in Britain, if not in history. And unlike Ted Heath, he is still very much alive.
Only today, David Cameron has warned against a witch hunt. This sort of talk is crassly irresponsible not to mention criminal libel.
Recently, Mr Icke held an all-day event at Wembley, which was advertised well in advance; the Illuminati appears to have been singularly disinterested either in stopping the event or in anything he had to say. He should though take heed: extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof, and even if no one sues him for libel, he could end up facing the same fate as Robert Green. In 1976, the British Nazi leader Colin Jordan issued a summons for criminal libel against Maurice Ludmer, who was then editor of the odious Searchlight magazine. Although he dismissed the application, the stipendiary said the words used were prima facie libellous. Most of the victims of Searchlight were not and are not the sort of people who would resort to defamation proceedings, although one who did was spectacularly successful.
It is one thing though for a scurrilous magazine to publish innuendo and libel against all and sundry, it is quite another for a website with an international readership to make extremely grave allegations against a large number of political figures without a shred of proof. If the Attorney General or someone else in high office decides enough is enough, Mr Icke could find himself in court, not as a defendant in a libel trial, but as one in a trial for criminal libel, which could see him not only facing a massive financial penalty but losing his freedom, and that in addition to the egg that is already on his face.
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