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article imageFormer Florida elections boss blames legislators for count delay

By Larry Clifton     Nov 8, 2012 in Politics
Tallahassee - Former Tampa mayor Democrat Pam Iorio, also the former Hillsborough County supervisor of elections in Florida, claims that the ability of the state's election offices to count votes has “gone backwards," according to a FOX 13 report.
Florida is still counting votes two days after 2012 elections were held, even though Barack Obama was awarded four more years before the end of election night without Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes.
"It's clear we've gone backwards," she said. "We're an embarrassment to the nation," Iorio is quoted in the interview.
However, in typical political fashion, Iorio doesn’t blame the state's elections offices at all for the failure to finish their work in a timely fashion.
"We're the only state in the nation that hasn't finished counting its votes," she said. "Voters waited in line as long as eight hours … Early voting has proved to be very successful. The customers love it – the customers are the voters, so what do we do in Florida? We reduce the number of days. I mean, anyone in the private sector must really be scratching their heads over this one."
Iorio told Fox 13 that Florida is still counting ballots because legislators made the ballots too long. "Embarrassed" Iorio placed no blame at all on election offices during the interview.
Instead, the Democrat is calling for immediate voting reform in Florida that would lengthen early voting and shorten the length of the ballot.
"Changes need to be made. This is our fundamental right," complained Iorio about election offices not completing their electoral process in a timely manner.
Iorio did not say just how long she thought Florida would require for wrapping up election results.
By Thursday morning, all ballots except those in Broward, Duval, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach were counted.
These are the same counties that struggled with “hanging-chads, “dimples” and “under-votes” in the 2000 Bush verses Gore contest.
Iorio did not suggest any changes elections offices might implement before the next election; instead, she called for legislative reform.
Florida newspapers have speculated Iorio is setting up to run for governor of Florida in 2014.
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