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article imageIs James Bond bisexual?

By Richard Mccallum     Nov 8, 2012 in Entertainment
London - The new Bond epic Skyfall features an interrogation scene whose homo-erotic elements have sent the LGBT community into a whirl because they are really not sure if the MI6 agent thinks he may be a boy or a girl!
Whenever 007 meets a super villain face to face the encounter is always tense and often life threatening. In Skyfall the baddie who's moniker Silva is portrayed by Javier Bardem gets more than a little freaky/kinky while questioning the super agent.
While this report will not reveal the actual details of the scene and plot of Skyfall, it is important to note that during Silva's inquisition he suggests that he may be interested in specific torture methods with sexually active overtones.
When he is offered a "ticket to Paradise" Bond's response is
"What makes you think this is my first time."
Screenwriter John Logan (The Aviator, Gladiator) who collaborated with director Sam Mendes for the Bond film recently responded to a question on the possible sexuality of the fictional intelligence asset when he attended a screening at NYC's Tribeca Film Institiute earlier this year.
"Sam and I were discussing, there are so many scenes where Bond goes mano a mano with the villain, whether it's Dr.No or Goldfinger or whatever, and there's so many ways to do a cat and mouse and intimidate Bond, and we thought, what would truly make the audience uncomfortable is sexual intimidation; playing the sort of homo erotic card that is sort of always there sub-textually with characters like Scaramanga in "The Man With The Golden Gun" and "Dr, No".So we just decided that we should play the card and enjoy it'".
When Daniel Craig who plays Bond was quizzed with a similar question he responded,
"I don't see the world in sexual divisions."
It should also be noted that in Young Bond series of novels it is stated in the agent's history that he attended Eton School which is a private boarding school for young boys where some but certainly not all who have attended may or may not have dabbled in the "the love that does not dare speak its name".
Homosexuality and bisexuality are often subtexts in many works of fiction and fact in the intelligence world.
Both Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess who were outed later as double agents for the KGB and MI6 as members of the notorious Cambridge Four were known to have been sharing a house together during their tenure for Her Majesty's Secret Service.
As to whether 007 is or isn't truly bi or at the very least droll is of course a topic that gentlemen never ask and certainly are not obliged to tell.
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