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article imageVideo: Brie Lybrand names Dad in 'Message To My Rapist'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 7, 2012 in Internet
New Orleans - Subscribers to Brie Lybrand's popular YouTube channel got a big shock when they saw the beauty and shopping guru's latest video, "Message To My Rapist," a graphic video in which she accuses her father of having raped her for nine years.
The former beauty queen's recent YouTube video, posted under the user name MyRedSolara, has caused a stir on Internet. In the video, she addresses her "dad," whom she says raped her as a child. She displays three guns she claims she purchased for self-defense in case he dares show up.
In the video, she claims that her "dad" had recently subscribed to her channel, saying it was time for her speak out about his crimes.
Brie Lybrand, a native of Louisiana, according to the Daily Mail, says her "dad" raped and tortured her from age four to 13.
Looking haggard, tired, tearful, disheveled and agitated in her latest video, she says: "I just got an email from YouTube saying the man that raped me for most of my life subscribed to me. The man that took my virginity, robbed me of innocence, has subscribed to me on You Tube and is watching my videos...I never got to testify in court and tell him what it feels like being tied up and chained and tortured for hours when you're four years old by your father."
Lybrand claims her father raped her and tried to kill her mother, Ron Lybrand, "many times."
She claims that once, her father beat the "teeth out of her" mother when she tried to defend her daughter. She says: "I watched my mother in a pool of her own blood and then he came after me. Even at my age I still have nightmares that he's coming back to kill me."
She asks her "dad," "You wanna see what kind of person I turned out to be?"
Lybrand gives an account of her high school days as the cheer leading captain. She gives an account of her college days and how she became an actor and teacher. She says: "I think I became an actor because I had to escape my reality. The reality of the tortures of what you did. I got really good at it. I got really good at pretending I was somewhere else... when you were raping me my mind was somewhere else. I was in Disney World, or I was on a beach. Or on a swing listening to Broadway musicals. But I was anywhere except you on top of me. And I have turned that into my career."
Possibly the most dramatic part of the video is when she displays weapons she claims she purchased for self-defense:
"Let me show you my friends," she says, drawing a gun from a case. She draws a smaller gun from her purse and a third one. She opens the barrel of the third and shows that it is loaded. She continues: "Even though I will be forever damaged because of you, you haven't gotten the best of me... I met a wonderful man who understands, who is there when I have to cry and when I have to be upset on father's day when I didn't have a father. I had a monster. I had a murderer."
"I wish for your death every day. You don't deserve to breathe the same air that I breathe. When you die, I will find your grave and I'm going to take a big, heaping dump on it because that's what you deserve. I hope you see my face every day for the rest of your miserable life."
After she had asked the man to unsubscribe from her channel, she apologizes to her subscribers, saying: "I'm sorry this is a different type of video than I usually do. But I needed to say it; I needed to say it to your face."
The disturbing 12-minute video has gone viral on Reddit.
Many viewers have questioned the authenticity of Lybrand's claims, pointing to the fact that she is an actor and that she could have fabricated and acted out the story as a short movie idea, Gawker notes.
The Daily Mail also notes that although Lybrand claims she escaped from her abusive father when she was 13, it is not clear how she did that because she still lives in New Orleans, the city in which she grew up.
According to the Daily Mail, she also stayed in New Orleans for college.
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