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article imageOp-Ed: OK, what now? Remember all those threats if Obama won?

By Paul Wallis     Nov 7, 2012 in Politics
It’s interesting see an election update, after the decision, where young 20 something gleeks in suits boo CNN and yell, “Turn on Fox!” You have to wonder where reality and the GOP part company, though. How much denial is enough?
This was an incredibly ugly election, with very nasty threats made about what would happen if Obama won.
Let’s start with the threats of layoffs. More than one employer came out and threatened to lay off employees if Obama won. This blatant disregard of even the pretense of democratic rights actually infringes constitutional rights, at least in theory. It’s potentially actionable if it’s considered an actual attack on voter’s rights, “employment at will” or not.
The sheer hysteria of the neocon ravings was almost unbelievable. They made the Birthers look almost rational. Listening to conservative Americans talking about “socialism” is so ridiculous, particularly when demanding tax breaks for themselves. The hypocrisy, arguably, was worse. Employers were pro-Romney. They weren’t hiring for years. The previous GOP administration was in power at the time of the GFC, and the GOP had the nerve to say that unemployment was caused by Obama.
Then there was the Texas judge talking about “civil war” if Obama won. Texas was the place where the American Dream got shot in another rather noticeably undemocratic incident. That incident was also arguably where American democracy began to decay. That a judge from the state in which JFK was assassinated incident should be anti-Democrat is no surprise whatsoever. The question is where the “civil war” idea comes from.
The rabid attempts to polarize the United States have been as destructive as they’ve been shameless. The very people who’ve benefited most from America have now spent two years trying to destroy its democracy and paralyse its administration. They have absolutely nothing to complain about, but all they do is complain, and they’re richer than everyone else?
The result has been chaos. The American economy is at basket case level, during the worst financial period since the Great Depression. There are no policies on future employment, future economic growth or anything else. It’s status quo until the plutobrats get back into office, apparently, according to the neocons. Let the country fall to bits and blame everybody else.
These people have never been poor, for generations. They have no basis for hating the poor but their ridiculous notion of class. A horde of pseudo-elite parasites has climbed on the bandwagon, feeding their egos and getting paid for saying "Yes, boss" like doormats. These guys are nobodies now, but they’re the clear future of the conservative movement- Mercenary, useless, egotistical and utterly disloyal to anyone but themselves. These are the wannabe Madoffs of tomorrow, and the sorry remains of the GOP is their holiday camp.
So turn on Fox, gleeks. See if Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter or other geriatric race callers can make it turn into a victory. What’s one more delusion in eight years of lies?
So far:
There was no GFC.
The GFC wasn’t the fault of the finance sector.
The poor want to be poor.
The super-rich multi billionaires need tax breaks.
The sick don’t need medicine or hospital treatment.
Outsourcing to other countries is good, unemployment is the other guy’s fault.
Pitiful, but people are actually paid to produce these lies and other people are paid to pretend to believe them. Reality in neocon Disneyland is whatever is said, not what actually happens.
I did a blog, Hey America- Where did the greatness go? while the voting was still going on. I’ll say one more thing- It’s pretty damn obvious where the greatness didn’t go. You can’t base America on lies, hate and denial. There comes a time when you fool none of the people, not even yourselves. That time is long overdue.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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