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Latino voters weigh in on the 2012 US Elections

By Can Tran     Nov 6, 2012 in Politics
On Election Day, Latinos and Latino voters weigh in on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. While Obama's expected to get high support from Latinos, there are Latino voters disillusioned with him.
In the 2012 United States elections, both the Republican Party/GOP and the Democratic Party have been courting many voting blocks. One such crucial voting block consists of Latino voters which can swing either way. In the case of Florida, the Cuban community of Miami is strongly leaning towards GOP nominee Mitt Romney. In 2008, this was one of the voting blocks that strongly sided with Obama. With certain issues, Latino voters have mixed feelings, even lukewarm feelings, to President Barack Obama who is the Democratic incumbent.
BBC News, yesterday, posted an article on the Latino voters and Obama. The issue of immigration is considered one of the biggest social issues to Latino voters. However, not all Latino voters are listing immigration as the top issue. It talked about the executive order by Obama back in June allowed children that entered the USA through illegal means to stay and work for two years. However, the number of deportations are high under Obama's administration. As a result, this brings up mixed feelings from immigrants which can become a strong voting block in the future. In the BBC News video on the story, people adamantly expressed their views.
A CNN opinion piece, also posted yesterday with video, confirms the BBC article. The article says that whoever wins, whether Obama gets re-elected or Romney gets elected, the Latinos will ultimately lose at the end of the 2012 US Election cycle. Ruben Navarrette, in his opinion piece, said that Latinos can ultimately have little power at all in regards to elections. According to Navarrette, neither the Democrats nor the GOP made sincere attempts to reach out to the Latino voters.
In an opinion piece on said that Latinos are underrepresented in telephone surveys. In this respect, pollsters are not really calling up Latino voters.
Today, two blog entries were published on The Nation in regards to Latino voters. The first blog called “Latino Voters Say Adios, Romney” does highlight the frustration of Latino voters in regards to Obama's promises of immigration reform.
With respects to GOP outreach to Latinos, it talked about how George W. Bush, back in 2000, got 35 percent of the Latino vote. In 2008, McCain received 31 percent of the Latino vote. While Romney said that the goal was to get 38 percent, the campaign seemingly fell short as it's below 30 percent. However, Romney still can still use Latino voters against Obama in regards to immigration.
While disillusioned, most Latinos are going with Obama.
In the other blog entry on The Nation, there are reports of Latinos voters in Colorado have being harassed. One canvasser, who wouldn't identify himself for publication, talked about how he and his partner were followed by the local Sheriff's department. At a convenience store, they were approached by authorities and asked for identification. According to them, the authorities said they should just “quit and call it a day.”
The blog post also lists other stories. In short, it reports that Latino voters from around Colorado are being harassed on Election Day.
In an LA Times opinion post, Latino voters could come out in high numbers for Obama. It does ask will the support help Obama win the crucial swing states.
With everything going on, will the Latino vote become more powerful or less powerful? Also, this is a sign that this voting block can even be more up for grabs in the future. You have the 2014 and 2016 elections to think about.
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