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article imageFacebook unveils interactive real-time Election Day voting map

By Can Tran     Nov 6, 2012 in Politics
For Election Day, Facebook is doing its part in getting the vote out by unveiling an interactive voter map and counter that is updated in real-time.
For Election Day, many companies are helping to get the vote out. Today, there are businesses such as Hooters, White Castle, Starbucks, and so forth are giving freebies to people that have their “I Voted” stickers. Facebook, what can be considered the most popular social networking site, is unveiling an interactive voting map for Election Day. After voting, voters can go onto Facebook and take advantage of this Election Day feature by clicking on a button.
The button will be found on the news feed when you log onto Facebook. Simply click on the button saying “I'm a voter.” Then, you'll be directed to a map of the country. It shows a counter of how many people that “voted.” The counter and map are interactive while being updated in real-time.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, the voters are anonymous; but, it breaks down the voters by the following: hour, gender, and age. Meaning, the interactive voting map will show the number of people who voted. It gets down to the specifics on when they voted, how old they are, and what gender they are.
It also explains a Pew Research Center report that was released today. According to the Pew Research Center report, social media such as Facebook plays a crucial role when it comes to the voting process.
However, there's no way at the moment to confirm if the people clicking on the button voted or not; but, the CBS News article says that it isn't an exact science. It adds that while it's not really an exact science it is still fun to take advantage of.
This can be a foreshadowing on how social media will become more of a major impact in future elections. Remember, there are the elections taking place in 2014. If you've voted for either Democratic incumbent Barack Obama or GOP nominee Mitt Romney, why not take advantage of this Election Day feature.
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