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article imageGOP nominee Mitt Romney doesn't have the complete Mormon vote

By Can Tran     Nov 5, 2012 in Politics
Even as a majority of voters identifying themselves as Mormon plan to vote Mitt Romney for US President, there are Mormons that plan to vote to re-elect Barack Obama.
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee, could make history as the first Mormon to be President of the United States. Barack Obama, the Democratic incumbent, made history back in 2008 as the first biracial US Presidency. Due to his half-Kenyan heritage, Obama made history as the first African-American president. While Obama has gotten strong support from black voters, there are still plenty of black voters that do neither support Obama nor his policies. For the 2012 US Election, there are going to be black voters that will pick Romney over Obama. In the case of Romney, it's highly likely that he will get support from Mormon voters; but, there are plenty of Mormons that are voting for Obama instead of Romney.
However, there hasn't been much media focus on Mormons that plan to vote for Obama. But, it doesn't mean there wasn't any focus. Recent news reports conducted interviews from Mormons that do plan on voting for Obama on Election Day or ahead did by taking advantage of early voting.
In a recent blog on the Washington Post, nine women identifying themselves of the Mormon faith spoke out the reasons they are voting for Obama. One woman, a freelance writer, has a severely disabled son and is too medically fragile to go out. Even with the predicament, she had to constantly fight with the insurance companies for her son's medical needs. For those reasons, she's supporting Obama because of the Affordable Health Care Act which is dubbed as “Obamacare.”
Another woman interviewed in the blog said that her family's roots in the Mormon faith run real deep. However, she feels that Romney's plans are alien to Mormon values.
The online publication called Tech President explains that the 2012 election campaign has given Democrats identifying themselves as Mormons a voice. According to a recent piece, there are blogs slowly transforming into full-fledged websites for Mormon Democrats. According to one member, just because a person is Mormon does not mean s/he will necessarily vote Republican.
Midway in October, Reuters published an article on feminists that identify themselves as Mormon. These Mormon feminists, according to Reuters, are going to vote for Obama instead of Romney in the US Presidential Elections.
Earlier in October, ABC News published an article talking about the younger Mormons. Back in 2008, Obama received huge support from the bloc of younger voters which considered of different ethnic groups, sexual preferences, and religious faiths. One person interviewed in the article is a Mormon that recently graduated from college. The student said she was going to vote for Obama instead of Romney saying that the latter doesn't share the same ideals as her.
The article does note that over 84 percent of Mormons do plan on voting for Romney. However, it explains that the younger generation of Mormons aren't exclusive to Romney let alone in the elections. This could confirm a recent study as reported by the Huffington Post on October 25. Depending on how children were raised, they can either be conservative or liberal when they reach adulthood. In this respect, depending on how you were raised could determine if you vote for Obama or Romney. With his respect, children from Mormon families are no different from other children.
Perhaps after the election is over, it will give rise to Mormon Democratic voices in the near future.
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