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article imageJames Washington, showing how 'miracles' can backfire

By Can Tran     Nov 5, 2012 in Crime
Nashville - On his deathbed, after suffering a heart attack, James Washington confessed to a grizzly murder that took place back in 1995. Instead of passing on, Washington "miraculously" recovered.

Those that lie on death beds and about to step death's door, they may try to get their last words out before passing. Those last words can be anything; in most cases, it's usually a confession of some sort of last kept secret such as a hidden fortune, hidden relatives, something else. A confession can even revolve around a heinous murder. The case of James Washington of Nashville, Tennessee, gave one of those confessions.
Washington, who was on the death bed after suffering a heart attack, confessed to the 1995 murder of Joyce Goodener. According to Washington's confession, he did the following to Goodener: stab her in the neck, set her on fire, and beat her with a cinder block. Until the confession, Goodener would have likely gotten away with the murder. According to the case's investigators, there was no DNA sample to use in order to find suspects.
Without the evidence, there was no way to prove that Washington was the perpetrator. However, the prosecutors were interested in Washington on the following circumstances: Washington knew Goodener and that he saw her on the day of the murder. However, there was no DNA evidence to go after Washington.
Until then, Washington kept quiet about the murder. He did get arrested and put in jail for a different crime. That was when he had the heart attack. Thinking he was going to die, he confessed to the prison guard who then relayed the information. Instead of dying from the heart attack, Washington survived the heart attack.
In Washington's case, one could say he's lucky to be alive; but, he did confess to the gruesome murder of Joyce Goodener. Now, Washington is serving an automatic life sentence for Goodener's murder. When he lived through the heart attack, Washington tried taking back his confession; but, it's too late. There are no take backs and Washington will serve even more time behind bars.
This is similar to “corrupt a wish,” but, Washington seemingly “corrupted his miracle.” What supposedly was to be a deathbed confession backfired as he recovered afterward.
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