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article imageBNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP slams BBC for paedophile cover up

By Richard Milnes     Nov 5, 2012 in Politics
Salford - Speaking in Salford recently, Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, was highly critical of the BBC for allegedly covering up the issue of child grooming gangs; an issue he was the first to publicly highlight back in 2004, if not earlier.
The issue came to light during an undercover BBC investigation for a documentary ‘The Secret Agent’: Mr Griffin nearly ended up in prison for allegedly ‘inciting racial hatred’.
Turning ‘soft support’ into votes
Nick Griffin spoke of two opinion poll results. One the week after he appeared on Question Time, which showed that 24% of people would consider voting for the BNP, a figure, which he believed, was an underestimate.
The second opinion poll came after Hazel Blears, Labour MP for Salford and Eccles in Greater Manchester, became involved in the expenses scandal. Mr Griffin quoted a Sunday Express survey, putting BNP support in Salford at 47% at that point in time. However, he appeared to have misquoted the figure as the report in the Express puts the figure at 38.4%.
Nick Griffin believed that these surveys indicated that there is a huge amount of soft support that “just needs something to make it crystalise.”
“We are just one crisis away from that happening”. He said.
Four possible crises
Mr Griffin then went on to talk about four possible crises:
1) The grooming issue
He believed this would become bigger as more victims would come forward now that they may be able to claim compensation.
2) BBC
He accused the BBC of being involved in covering up a paedophile scandal.
In 2004 he was secretly recorded speaking in Keighley by the BBC Secret Agent documentary, which nearly led to him being imprisoned. He was the first to raise the issue of Muslim grooming gangs, describing it as a “massive rape wave”. He has since been proved right, but the BBC is yet to issue an apology.
He also, criticised the BBC for refusing to show the BNP’s 2005 Party Political Broadcast about the grooming scandal in Keighley.
He compared the current situation with the Dutroux case in Belgium in the late 1990s, which led to numerous government resignations. “We’re that close to that happening in Britain as well’. He said.
3) The banks
Mr Griffin highlighted the fact that the government spends £12.6 billion in foreign aid (much of which he believes ends up with the super rich) each year, yet only £12.1 billion a year on the police.
However, he pointed out that this was minuscule compared to the £500 billion, which he believed to be the best estimate of the amount given in the last few years to prop up the banks.
He said the banks create credit out of thin air and that the IMF know that they are at the end of the road.
Nick Griffin believed the world financial system to be completely broken and that it could not be fixed just with the creation of more money and more lending of money, if it’s done by private banks. “The train is about to hit the buffers on a spectacular scale.”
He expects to see “A financial crisis, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 1930s, probably even worse in fact.”
4) War with Iran
Mr Griffin said the people calling for war with Iran now are the same people who were calling for war with Iraq at a cost of hundreds of British lives, money and goodwill with the Muslim world.
“They should not be over here Islamifying Britain and we should not be over there trying to westernise their countries.” He said.
He said that Britain should only be prepared to fight if it is in Britain’s interest. He thought that fuel prices would go through the roof if there were a war with Iran.
Who is ‘racist’?
“They can call us ‘racists’ all they like, but we’ve never murdered a single Iraqi." He said. "The Labour Party and the Tory party between them, murdered at least 200,000 Iraqi children, before the war even started. They’re the racists; they’re the murderers, not us.”
“With us make Britain better” is the phrase that will be seen on their promotional material.
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