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article imageOp-Ed: Had to happen? The live Twitter dress

By Paul Wallis     Nov 5, 2012 in Internet
Sydney - The threat of wearable media in various forms has been around for a while. This time it’s a hit. Nicole Scherzinger, the model for the “Twitter dress” is the ex-lead singer for the Pussycat Dolls. She’s gorgeous, too.
Her new dress, however, is overkill in every way. Live Tweets through an LED display on a blue dress at below waist height are something else.
Says the Sydney Telegraph:
The former Pussycat Doll donned a black gown with over 2,000 LED lights displaying a real time Twitter feed of messages sent by fans and curious onlookers who used the hashtag #tweetthedress
The one of a kind gown was made by fashion-tech firm, CuteCircuit for the launch of EE, the UK’s first 4G mobile network.
Put this another way- Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. can also be displayed if you’ve got the patience to stick together displays on specialized parts of clothing. There’s no real technical limit. The real question is what will sell.
This idea isn’t really new. It’s only now, however, that it’s been actually viable as a fashion option. “Wearable TV” didn’t quite cut it. People obviously prefer to watch, rather than be watched. Other gizmos haven’t taken off, despite some imaginative ideas.
The likelihood is that these things, like those strangely forgettable neon nightclub ornaments, will take off when enough people worth looking at wear them. Scherzinger is definitely overqualified in that regard, but there’s only one of her. (Somebody do something about that, immediately!) Add say Emma Watson and Justin Bieber as wearers, and you’ve got a plague of demand on your hands.
The fashion industry, if it had a brain in its head, would start turning itself into the next YouTube. Meanwhile, check out the video of the Twitter dress in action. The joke is the dress is also rechargeable. Great excuse- “Sorry, I have to recharge…”
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