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article imageFacebook page aims to enlighten, allows open political discussion Special

By Matt Harding     Nov 4, 2012 in Politics
Diary of a Patriot has been on Facebook for just over a month now, gaining popularity among mostly Republicans. However, the page also welcomes those with other political ideologies.
Diary of a Patriot, as its description states, is "an attempt to raise awareness about important political and cultural matters in our great nation [America]."
Though the page holds a predominantly conservative base, its hope is that people of all political ideologies join and contribute to its conversations and discussions.
Page owner Nathanial Eaton, a moderate Republican ― though he prefers the term "conservative" ― believes the page has been successful thus far because of its ability to attract Libertarians and Democrats too, despite its claim as a conservative page.
The logo Diary of a Patriot uses on its Facebook page
The logo Diary of a Patriot uses on its Facebook page
Diary of a Patriot, Facebook
Eaton said, "Many pages and sites similar to mine cater to only one political or religious demographic and often employ an 'us versus them' mentality. I think my page shows that Americans can coexist when leadership doesn't foster or encourage division among people.
The page tries to reach across the political spectrum, asking for the perspectives of a diverse group of people ― people of different ethnic groups and races; different religions and ideas; and of course, people with different political ideals.
Diary of a Patriot wants everyone's voice to be heard.
"Regardless of political ideology, religion, sexual orientation or any other superficial differences we may have ― we're Americans. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing ― to make the United States a better place for us and our children," Eaton said, "We're all on the same team."
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