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article imageRapper Immortal Technique weighs in on Obama and Romney

By Layne Weiss     Nov 3, 2012 in Politics
With the 2012 Presidential Election only days away, underground rapper Immortal Technique decided to weigh in with his final thoughts earlier this week. Tech has always been vocal about politics, and many of his lyrics focus on controversial issues.
Known for songs such as "Bin Laden" and "Cause of Death", Immortal Technique, whose real name is Felipe Andres Coronel, has never been shy about vocalizing his political beliefs.
Earlier this week, the Hip-Hop veteran sat down for an interview with The Well Versed to give his thoughts on President Barack Obama and his opponent, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Tech said he wasn't totally thrilled with all of Obama's policies, most notably those regarding the military and immigration, he does consider Obama "the lesser of two evils," HipHopDX reports. He finds that Romney's policies will be more dangerous to to the United States than Obama's, but he is not endorsing President Obama's bid for re-election.
"People can tell me all day that Obama is a war president. He's an individual who's violated human rights with drone attacks and what not, that he deported more people than [George W.] Bush, which is true. All these things are potentially true, but at the same time, do I think that Mitt Romney is going to be the solution to that problem?" Tech said to The Well Versed. "Do I think in any way it would be logical for black and Latino people to vote for someone like that? Or even white Americans who are looking to advance themselves in middle class and working class America? No. That doesn't mean that I think Obama is a savior or that I'm campaigning or even voting for him. Don't tell me simply because the food in front of me is rotten that the sh** you got in the trunk of your car is better."
About a year ago, Immortal Technique called Obama "a war president."
He said Obama didn't shut down Guantanamo Bay like he said he would. He also discussed the Occupy Wall Street movement, and recognized its impact, but said it wasn't enough.
He's not the only one to speak out against the President for some of his policies. Last summer, Lupe Fiasco appeared on Fox News' The O'Reilly factor to explain why he called President Obama a "terrorist." He explained that he thought the "war on terror" was just a bunch of "bullsh**," and explained that if you want to fight terrorism at it's core, you don't go to war or use weapons as it's counter productive. He told Mr. O'Reilly that he considers Obama, The US, and its foreign policy to be "terrorists" because their "war on terror" has resulted in the deaths of innocent, defenseless people, including little children.
Like Immortal Technique, Lupe remains critical of both Obama and Romney. Last month, he told The Daily Beast he believes Romney has mispoken enough to literally "talk himself out of the election." At the same time, he doesn't think it's totally fair to attack Romney on his idiotic campaign mistakes yet not attack Obama on his "report card" so far. Lupe explained he's more concerned with the midterm elections and how whoever wins will "shake up" Congress. He does believe that if Romney wins, there's no question he will bomb Iran. "It would be a disasterpiece," Lupe said. Immortal Technique has made it clear he finds Obama to be the "lesser of two evils." Lupe hasn't been as open, though with his stance on war and bombing, he may be inclined to agree with Tech.
While Immortal Technique doesn't particularly love either candidate, he stated in an interview this past September that he believes Obama will be re-elected. He believes Romney has a pretty "robotic" personality, while Obama has been willing to work with a republican congress, but also criticized him for not doing enough with a democratic congress when he had the chance.
He said the real challenge to Romney will not be Obama, but skeptics within the Republican party that Romney may not be as religious as he claims. He noted Romney's 1994 debate with the late Senator Ted Kennedy where Mr. Kennedy said on the issue of abortion, he was pro-choice, and Romney was "multiple choice."
Romney said while religiously, he is pro-life, he doesn't mean his personal views should be imposed on others, and that politically, he was pro-choice. Throughout his campaign against Obama, however, Romney has promised he is a "pro-life candidate" and will be a "pro-life president." He has also promised to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.
The 34 year old rapper also mentioned that Romney and other republicans have criticized "ObamaCare," but under governor Romney, Massachusetts' healthcare policy was pretty much the same, jokingly calling it "RomneyCare."
On more of a personal note, Tech stated in his interview with The Well Versed that he doesn't see any "incentive" for "Latino people" to "vote republican," other than maybe their religion. Felipe Coronel was born in Peru and raised in Harlem. He has always been outspoken about the US Governments' treatment of Latino people, especially when it comes to immigration. Coronel didn't correlate Romney winning or not winning with his belief that Latino people have no reason to vote republican, but it does add to the reasons why he very strongly believes that Obama will be re-elected.
Coronel has never been shy about voicing his views through his music and standing up for his people. Earlier in 2012, he released a DVD called The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique. He has remained independent, refusing to back down from his beliefs in order to become more mainstream. Spreading his message has been more important than the fame, and his message has reached the hearts and minds of so many.
In his interview with The Well Versed, he said that traditionally, Hip-Hop has had a very "political culture that's always been associated with questioning what people tell us is unquestionable. According to Tech, it is ok to question and remember only certain things.
He looked at the Holocaust and slavery as prime examples. He wasn't trying to say that one was worse than the other, but he said that in school, events such as 9/11 and the Holocaust had been "drilled" into his head. He and his fellow students were told to never forget the six million Jews who perished under the ruling of Adolf Hitler. He said he was "touched" by the struggles of all those who suffered and died from Nazi genocide, but to this day, he wonders why slavery and African genocide seem to be treated differently. "That's just slavery. Get over it." Or "You guys lost a war. Get over it." He wants Americans to remember the struggles of all people, and he has voiced his concern that right now, this is simply not the case.
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