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article imageNewark Mayor Booker to Sandy victims: Come chill at my place

By Can Tran     Nov 2, 2012 in World
Newark - Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, is living up to his reputation as "super mayor." While being active in the recovery process, Booker even offered to house Hurricane Sandy victims at his place.
Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, is definitely living up to his reputation as “super mayor.” The online outlet called Jezebel posts that Booker is becoming a hero of the hurricane. New Jersey is one of the several states along the eastern seaboard to get severely battered by Hurricane Sandy which became a “superstorm” after converging with the nor'easter. On Wednesday, United States President Barack Obama toured New Jersey with state governor Chris Christie to assess the damage. In the case of Hoboken, NJ, the thousands of residents are still dealing with the floods which isolated them.
In the case of Booker, he is definitely taking action. He's living up to his reputation as the “super mayor” of Newark. Utilizing the positives of social media, Booker immediately took to Twitter. Through his Twitter, Booker has been giving updates on the power situation, checking up on people, and giving assurances. Through Twitter, Booker has been giving very useful updates such as free lunch for 1st responders at Dinosaur BBQ from 2pm until 5pm and cautioning people not to use ovens for heat due to rates of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Booker even took it another step further. On his account, Booker tweeted an offer to allow neighbors to chill at his place and seek refuge. Booker explained that he has space, charging devices, and a working DVD player. If people were hungry, Booker even fed them as well. For people to sleep over, Booker accommodated by offering beds to the guests.
At least 12 people took up Booker's offer.
With these actions, especially being known to media outlets, this could strengthen Booker's chances of winning New Jersey's governorship in 2013. According to a recent October poll, reported by TIME Magazine newsfeed, Booker has the best chance of defeating Christie in 2013. Christie is the GOP incumbent. Recently, Christie and Obama have been giving each other praise on Hurricane Sandy response.
Even as mayor, Booker is not above stepping up and going on the front lines or doing the grunt work.
While Booker is trying to help as many people as he can in Newark, he couldn't help everybody. One case was a constituent who was running out of Hot Pockets. Since Booker wasn't able to physically go out and deliver Hot Pockets to the person, he did offer moral support. Perhaps Booker could send out a tweet requesting somebody bring the person Hot Pockets.
Right now, “Super Mayor” has a lot of work ahead of him and in the future. If Booker does wish to run against Christie in 2013, his actions in Newark could prove to be valuable. For that one constituent, will he get his Hot Pockets?
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