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article imageTruck accident causes 26 deaths in Riyadh

By Donald Quinn     Nov 2, 2012 in World
Riyadh - An oil carrying truck crashed into a flyover in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia killing 26 and injuring over 135. Saudi officials are blaming the driver at this time.
In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia today a fuel truck crashed into a free way flyover causing a rupture and gas leak that ultimate lead to the death of at least 26 people. According to the authorities the driver of the truck was to blame, having been surprised by a different accident and then losing control of the truck itself,
The civil defense department of Saudi Arabia stated that the truck hit a bridge in the eastern part of Riyadh. This accident caused a leak in the truck, which was carrying fuel. There was a subsequent explosion in a nearby facility that had heavy machinery and a vehicle warehouse. The explosion caused the warehouse, which was several stories high, to be completely demolished and left over 135 people injured. Some of those who were injured or missing are foreigners that work in Saudi Arabia.
"I was inside the building when the blast came. Then boom, the building collapsed. Furniture, chairs and cabinets blasted into the room I was in. My brother is still inside under the rubble. There are lots of people in there."
This was the testimony of a 55 year old Pakistani worker, who survived the blast. He was covered in dirt and rubble, bleeding from multiple cuts on his face, and desperate for any news of his sibling.
The accident and the subsequent explosion took place on one of Riyadh’s busiest roads, but traffic was relatively light since most of the Saudi nation was celebrating Ed al-Adaha, a national holiday. Under normal traffic conditions casualties would have been far higher. Coverage of the area showed burned out vehicles surrounding the scene, a small bus that was a burned out shell, and cars on top of the flyover that had also been destroyed. The flyover itself was left buckling and damaged by the force of the explosion.
For more than an hour after the accident, fires continued to blaze even as over a hundred emergency personnel swarmed the area in a well coordinated response by the Saudi government. Rescue workers were sifting through the rubble of the nearby destroyed buildings to seek out victims and survivors.
Because trucks are larger and heavier than the other cars on the road the damage caused to other vehicles is sever according to truck accident lawyers Munley, Munley & Cartwright P.C, and pose a serious risk to other drivers on the road, especially when they are carrying hazardous fuels.
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