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article imageTop Ten: Books for the Rock music fan in your life

By Richard Mccallum     Nov 2, 2012 in Entertainment
London - It's only rock and roll and let's face it this genre is and always will be the most popular music on the planet. Here are ten of the latest tomes and biography's of the horrible bad men that we all love to hate.
Halloween is over and it's time to start preparing for the upcoming gift giving season.
So Digital Journal is happy to give you a helping hand by suggesting that you the reader may consider purchasing for the rocker in your life some excellent reading material.
To this reporter's eye all of them are equally interesting and depending on the subjective tastes of the rocker in your life here are a few selections.
For more details there is a well written review in the link and some great interviews and vids to bide your time.
All of the titles are available at so order now if you would like to ensure a place under your tree for these fine books.
This reporter is buying all of them!
1) Unknown Pleasures:Inside the Joy Division by Peter Hook
An illuminating and extreme examination of the insides of the punk rock juggernaut that was New Order. Bass player Hook reveals that his peculiar musical style was caused and effected by a cheap practice amp, that he and Bernard Sumner played the punks to Ian Curtis's intellectual stance and the ongoing guilt of living in the aftermath of the lead singer's suicide which he and his fellow band mates blame on their own selfishness.
" A testosterone-scented transcript of ripping yarns....much fun to be had within"
Q Magazine
2) Mick Jagger by Philip Norman
This one is a bit of a dish filled with sour cream, Norman has penned a couple of books on the Stones and the gossip and innuendo run deep and steep here for 600 pages. Examined in detail are Jagger's appetite for other singer's girlfriend's -Marsha Hunt from Marc Bolan and supermodel Jerry Hall from glam rocker Bryan Ferry and his penchant for thrift as in the often heard tour refrain; "Are we paying for that?"
"Hugely readable!"
The Guardian
3) Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young
Young whose father was a Globe & Mail reporter and broadcaster eschews the CSN&Y band to focus instead on his son Ben, toy railroads and the songwriting process and also wrote this book without the daily use of grass , blow and booze that fuels most rock stars himself included. No ghostwriter here and a lengthy study of the auteur's raison d'etre.
"Remarkable... Young has neither burned out nor faded away."
The Ottawa Citizen
4) Trampled Under Foot:The Power and Excess of Led Zeppelin by Barney Hoskyns
"Hoskyns.. is excellent on the musicianship of an extraordinary group"
Hoskyns interviews over 128 intimate members of the Led Zep entourage and recording partners to reveal their close reliance on managerial architect Peter Grant and public relations uberkind B.P. Fallon along with their own strong musical identities to create the quartet that Who drummer Kieth Moon predicted "would take off like a lead balloon" and instead became one of pop music's greatest success stories.
Sunday Herald
5) A Light That Never Goes Out:The Enduring Saga Of the Smiths by Tony Fletcher
"From the beginning the Smiths sensed greatness and to realize that greatness meant a refusal to accept a confinement to the margins." writes Tony Fletcher the author.
Guitarist Johnny Marr's Rolling Stone's stylings meet Morrisey's Oscar Wilde channelled penmanship to produce chaos, love and sonic mayhem to the band that brought down Maggie Thatcher's England and who were in the end to beautifully complex to exist except of course in stereo and this excellent read.
"It belongs in any fan's scholarly room."
Rob Sheffield , author of Love Is A Mix Tape
6) The Stone Roses: War and Peace by Simon Spence
Despite the meme that the jackpot dream that many think the music industry is skewed with crooks and thieves and divas and idiots, Spence an ex NME scribe tells the typical but noteworthy tale of Mancunian musical geniuses The Stone Roses with elegant rhythm and poise. The mysterious gold bullion dealing manager Gareth Evans who had the band in a 33% gross deal strangle hold and the hilarious day that the Roses boarded the transatlantic Concorde to sign a indie label deal they never penned for the airfare!
Essential reading for that band that you know who are saving up for their own van and are confident that they will hit the big time. Oh, they will all right, but someone else will cash the checque!
"All the triumphs and disasters are here."
The Sunday Times
7) Here Comes Everybody: The Story of The Pogues by James Fearnly
Whoops, speaking of disasters here comes Shane McGowan! Writer Fearnly was The Pogue's original accordion player and here provides the sound , fury, psychosis and complete alcoholic clownishly tragic behaviour of the great singer. OK, the reasons they are legends is because hanging out with this type of self destructive creative genius can be hazardous to your health and teeth!
"It kicks off as the rest of the group agree to throw out their shambolic front man"
8) Twisting My Melon : The Autobiography by Shaun Ryder
Ditto here! If you thought Michael Winterbottom's 24 Hour Party People was a bizarre and great film then try this on for size! Ryder reveals that he did not know how to read or write till the hit single Step On, so he learned the skill via the Dr Seuss method of rhyming slang and read his own lyrics from pieces of scrap paper on his world tour! The book that his own mother will not read!
"At once poignant and hilarious"
Word Magazine
9) Who I Am: A Memoir by Pete Townsend
Would it shock you to know that the genius Townsend wrote groundbreaking rock opera Tommy in a waking dream as actual testimony to his own sexual molestation as a child?
That Roger Daltrey was the real leader of the band because if anyone talked back to him that he would reward their arrogance with a beating culminating in a visit to the hospital?
That brilliant mangers Lambert and Stamp never paid for the guitars that he destroyed nightly under their orders to achieve notoriety?
That one night in a drunken stupor Townsend, Bowie and Lydon staggered into a police station and begged the officers on duty to arrest them?
All is revealed in this excellent book Grasshopper!
"Unusually frank and moving."
The Guardian (UK)
10) Rod: The Autobiography by Rod Stewart
More knickers under the bed than writing on the wall, the Pride of Scotland dishes more about Maggie May era Faces adventures than the Do You Think I'm Sexy Britt Ecklund era. Gangsters, Ronnie Lane,Courvoisier , The Jeff Beck Group , Elton John rivalry and trashed hotel rooms by the Faces masquerading as pre hit makers The Fleetwood Mac abound as Rod The Mod reveals the secret to his longevity: soccer!
"The most outrageous- and wittiest rock autobiography of the decade"
The Daily Mail
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