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article imageOp-Ed: Mocking democracy — Attack ads insult America

By Paul Wallis     Nov 2, 2012 in Politics
Sydney - The ad industry is getting its four yearly Christmas, right on time. Some of the most appalling attack ads are generating a lot of business for the lowbrow production herds. Messages of pure hate are now defining American democratic values.
Huffington Post describes one ad:
It features a sleeping woman who is struggling through a nightmare. It intersperses graphic images of bloodied corpses and a man being decapitated. A portion of President Obama's speech in Cairo about bridging the gap between the Muslim and western worlds, and chants of "Allahu Akbar" serve as the background audio in the ad. The woman ultimately wakes up from the nightmare and says, "I can't vote for Obama again." The ad ends with Terry on screen saying, "A vote for Obama helps Muslims murder Christians and Jews.”
This comes from a write-in candidate, anti-abortionist Terry Randall, not the Westboro Church. The ad was pulled from YouTube via its “shocking and disgusting” policy.
The disease has spread beyond the election to things like Proposition 37, according to the Toronto Star:
…And some of the biggest bankrolls are aimed not at candidates at all, but rather, state-level ballot initiatives such as California’s Proposition 37, which would require mandatory labelling of genetically modified foods. The advertising war chest working to kill that initiative is now estimated at $41 million, with contributions from a cluster of corporations including Monsanto, Dupont and Dow.
While there’s a lot of skepticism regarding the value of these ads at the end of the political races, the fact is that money can now buy attention. The Prop 37 advertising shows how far beyond “democratic” processes this overflow of bile has gone.
The object of the political advertising is simple enough- Elect some more do-nothing freeloaders and put them and their pets on the public payroll for four years so they can continue the unparalleled unbroken run of expensive American disasters for the last 30-40 years. Non-achievement is now normal in US government. The idea seems to be to ensure that things stay that way. After all, the disaster factory has to be kept running.
The problem is that this farcical collection of subhuman excrement is now claiming to be a democratic process.
Randall Terry s anti-Muslim TV Ad against Obama.  —   I can t vote for Obama again
Randall Terry's anti-Muslim TV Ad against Obama. — 'I can't vote for Obama again'
Randall Terry for President
It’s a sewer overflow of lies and hysterical accusations. It’s designed to polarize views, and effectively denigrate the rights and views of others. That’s not democracy. It spits in the face of democracy.
The hate factor- Bad news for everyone
The raging hatreds of the paid online peasants writing for political campaigns are easy enough to ignore. They’re meaningless insincere rants spouting the same old rubbish from people who can barely read and write. let alone think about or really comprehend what they're doing. They come and go like a bad smell. They're the throwaway whores of politics. (Unlike the other kind.) Nobody has to take them seriously.
What does have to be taken seriously is the amount of hostility the overall campaign of vilification against other voters is generating. The infantile name calling may be pathetic, but it’s also reflecting a mindset which can’t imagine any sort of working principle for democracy but “us”.
Hate groups are created by this sort of unceasing propaganda. Let’s face it, we’re not talking about the top of the intellectual tree here. These people are fed hate and they breed hate. They don’t think about it.
In Russia in World War 2, an SS soldier was being operated on. He was fully sedated. Out cold. He was saying “Sieg Heil” even when unconscious. That’s what propaganda can do. A new generation of voters is being indoctrinated into considering this anti-democracy as normal.
This is sickening. It’s a betrayal of every single democratic principle and the intent of the United States Constitution. The world’s greatest democracy has become its own worst enemy.
…And all of this is being done to pay for political freeloaders?
Give up your own democratic rights for someone else to make a few bucks?
It’s not worth it.
This election has been the shabbiest in history. Even the pretense of truth has disappeared. Exercise your right not to tolerate having your vote trodden on. Vote with your remotes and turn this crap off. It has no place in democracy.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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